Best Grammarly Alternatives 2021 (Must Check #1, It’s Awesome)

Searching for Grammarly alternatives? Well, you come to the very right place.

It doesn’t matter you are a native English speaker or not. Everybody makes mistakes, but some mistakes not only alter the definition of the phrases but can also damage your creditability.

So whether you are an online publisher or a student or teacher proofreading the content is invariably a substantial part.

Grammatical errors affect

  • Readability and makes easy content complex
  • Your reputation
  • Makes your content unattractive
  • If you are operating a blog, it may cause the permanent loss of visitor
  • When you are not getting visitors or continuously losing them, there is a significant drop in ranking

So the strongest solution is to proofread the document and it is better if someone else did this job for you. But personal proofreading is an expensive way to go.

Here proofreading tools make an entry which is pretty much accurate, quick also way much cheaper than the personal proofreading services.

Grammarly is one of the best or we can say possibly the best and the most advanced proofreading tool available in the market. Grammarly is exhaustive of useful features but these come with a cost which might be expensive for many users and that’s why we need to search for alternatives to Grammarly.

Why Grammarly Should Be Your Preference
Grammarly finds and correct the 400+ types of grammatical errors and is available on almost every platform for your convenience such as add-ons for desktop, web browser and MS office. Moreover, it also has an online editor for proofreading as well as for saving your documents. You can start either free or premium.

Note: Free version just check for limited types of errors while a premium plan gives access to all the features.

  • Detect grammatical errors instantly
  • You can turn on the specialty checking which allows you to select the document type and so to provide the suggestion accordingly
  • It has the ability to point out the mistakes based on the selected language (US/UK)
  • Effective tool for vocabulary enhancement
  • Check for contextual spelling, sentence structure, and style
  • Include plagiarism checker
  • You can get 7-days money back guarantee so test it without any worry, click on below button to avail it.

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Without taking your time anymore let’s move to the alternatives you may see at first when considering a substitute for Grammarly.

Best Grammarly Alternatives and Top Competitors 2021

ProWritingAid – Cheap Grammarly Alternative

ProWritingAid is one of the alternatives that you must try for writing error-free content. The tool makes your writing not only graceful but also greatly helps in improving the vocabulary for unique and professional content. This comprehensive proofreading tool has a lot to offer.

Just like Grammarly, ProWritingAid also supports various writing styles like Academic, Business, Blogger, General and many more. You have the option to use General or switch between UK and US English. They made the tool available at your convenience by providing different plugins. Besides the online editor, you can integrate it with MS Word, Google Docs, Google Chrome, and Scrivener. So no matters you are writing on WordPress, Facebook or in Gmail the tool will always there.

ProWritingAid has both free and premium plans. The free plan put some restrictions like if you are using their chrome extension, it will perform a check on the limited words. But there is no limit when using their online editor even if you are a free user. The tool can perform 25 types of tests such as Grammar & spell, contextual style, readability, repeats, pronoun, transition and more. If you want to check the grammar, it not only highlights the issues but provides the report summary in the meantime.

Repetition of words makes your content fade and unattractive. ProWritingAid is more efficient than any other tool in the market in exposing the repetitive words. Instead of just highlighting it will show the words along with the number of repetitions in the sidebar. In addition, it is the best tool that enables you to create a diversity of words using a thesaurus check.

Compared to the Grammarly annual pricing structure, ProWritingAid is significantly cost lower i.e. Just $40/year. If you buy for more than 1-year, you will get further discounted pricing. Moreover, they offer 14 days money back guarantee (longer than Grammarly). In our point of view, if there is any close alternative to Grammarly then ProWritingAid should be the most potential.

Ginger Software Packages:

  • 1-Year: $50
  • 2-Year: $75
  • 3-Year: $100
  • Lifetime: $175


  • Very affordable pricing
  • Can check 25 types of test, including the grammar, overused, thesaurus suggestions, spell mistakes, marking the closely repeated, pronoun long length sentence structure and more.
  • Allow you to choose from the writing styles like business, blogger, casual and academic, etc. So that to provide adequate suggestions.
  • You don’t have to choose the word and then go into thesaurus instead the software thesaurus feature automatically highlight all the potential words.
  • Choice of US and UK English
  • The word explorer provides lots of details like definitions, synonyms, rhymes, and examples, etc.
  • ProWritingAid extension is available for various platforms like MS office, chrome and Google docs, etc.
  • They also offer a lifetime subscription package


  • They do provide plagiarism checker, but for that, you have to pay some additional amount, besides this, it is an outstanding proofreading tool.
  • The online editor is not as much user friendly as the Grammarly


Coming with some of its uniqueness, WhiteSmoke is another close Grammarly competitor. WhiteSmoke is the most flexible proofreading software in the market; you can integrate with your desktop as well as iOS and Android smartphones. Plus, it can be incorporated seamlessly with almost all the browsers including Opera, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. So no matters you are working in MS Office or writing emails, the software will highlight the errors and suggest corrections as well.

WhiteSmoke checks your grammar and sentences based on the 17 different rules such as Fragments, Incomplete sentences, Tense, Punctuation, and Misspell, etc. Using the correct writing style is essential when writing. So the software suggests you the use of punctuation and grammar shift errors.

Same as Ginger, WhiteSmoke also includes a translator feature, but it can translate the content between more languages, almost 55 languages. The software is the combination of computer-based algorithm and millions of translated texts by leading linguist experts. The tool enables you to take the most suited word by presenting the list of the thesaurus. Furthermore, a dictionary is also added.

WhiteSmoke is a fully featured proofreading tool which comes with a plagiarism checker facility. This is great because you can find the duplication score of articles and assignments. You want to construct the C.V or the business letter, that’s fine because WhiteSmoke contains 100+ writing templates related to Resumes, Condolences, and cover letters, etc.

We really appreciate their efforts that they provide free access to helpful video tutorials. You will learn from the common mistakes regarding prepositions, pronouns, auxiliary verbs and more. WhiteSmoke has two packages “Essential” and “Premium”. The essential package is considerably low in pricing and only provides integration with browsers. For WhiteSmoke Mac and Windows software, you need to subscribe to a premium plan. Yearly plans come with a 31-days refund policy.

WhiteSmoke Software Packages:

WhiteSmoke is available for a yearly and 3-year duration depending on the plan you decide to choose.

  • Essential: $4.16 ~ $2.78/mo
  • Premium: $6.67 ~ $5.55/mo
  • Business: $11.49 ~ $8.82/mo


  • A wide-ranging software that detects grammatical errors and plagiarism as well
  • WhiteSmoke search for all type of major issues in your text such as Incorrect Punctuation, misspell and fragments, etc.
  • 31-days refund policy for annual plans while 48-hour on the monthly plan.
  • Available for almost every device like iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android.
  • A marvelous translator that translates to and from 55 languages
  • Stock of helpful video tutorials
  • Lots of writing templates like apologies, condolences, cover letters, and greetings letter.


  • No free version – trial account of 4 days
  • An annoying part while writing in their desktop editor when you select a word for thesaurus it shifts you to another tab
  • No online editor for a quick check like the Ginger.


Ginger is another Grammarly alternative and a well-known proofreading tool that offers something different from fashion. Requires no sign-up, just go to their site and use the online version. Similar to Grammarly, Ginger efficiently point out the grammatical and spelling mistakes for error-free text.

Besides the Chrome browser and MS office extensions, Ginger can be integrated into your smartphone (Android and iOS). There is also a desktop application that is a lot handy when writing. Moreover, after installing the desktop application, Ginger add-on for MS office will automatically install. So when you work in MS Word or PowerPoint, an icon appears at the top of the screen from where you can use their features.

Ginger has a cool feature called “Sentence rephraser”. This is particularly helpful as if you are a blog owner and write all of your contents then there are chances of using the identical type of sentence structure and words. Thus by using sentence rephraser, the software proposes you the alternative ways of writing a sentence. Although this is a handy tool but ProWritingAid’s thesaurus is more efficient to create the diversity of words.

Ginger offers a free language translation tool that translates between 40 languages. Its “Personal Trainer” is a premium feature that could be helpful to avoid the same errors happing again and again. It compiled the lessons based on your mistakes thus help you in improving the weak areas. If you are not good at speaking then Ginger “text reader” is a convenient way for learning. It can read the text from MS Word, PowerPoint, web browser, and Outlook, etc.

The free version incorporates many features like detecting grammatical errors (includes subject verb, singular & plural noun, consecutive noun, misused words and even check contextual spellings) sentence rephraser and translation, etc. But for advanced features like Personal Trainer, text reader you need a premium plan. You will get 7 days refund period on all of their plans.

Ginger Software Packages:

  • Monthly: $20.97
  • Quarterly (3-months): $41.97
  • Yearly: $89.88


  • The free version is quite good at detecting grammatical errors, but a premium subscription enables more accuracy and generates reports
  • Sentence rephraser for a diverse writing
  • Instead of doing a generic language training, Ginger personal trainer allow you to focus on the weak areas – premium feature
  • Available for web browser, desktop, and smartphones
  • Text reader is a handy tool for pronunciation learning – premium feature
  • Allow you to choose between US and UK English
  • Its translation feature can translate between upto 40 different languages including Italian, French, Russian and Urdu, etc.
  • Like the Grammarly, Ginger also has double-click feature, i.e., when you are reading an article on a website, double-clicking on a word will show the meaning.


  • Unlike the Grammarly, there is no plagiarism checker service offered by them at all
  • While in their editor like Desktop app when you search for a word meaning or synonyms, instead of showing the result on the same screen it will move you to another interface which is disturbing


When searching the Grammarly alternatives, Paperrater is an excellent choice consider on. It is available in both free and premium versions. The tool is built by the combinations of AI technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing to increase the accuracy of error detection. It is only a web-based program hence you can’t enjoy as much flexibility as in Grammarly.

This feature-rich tool makes you enable to detect the spelling mistakes, grammar, overused words and most importantly a plagiarism checker for a free. But in a premium tool, you will get some additional features like integrated plagiarism checking facility, fast processing, no ad and more improved proofreading. Note that you cannot upload a file in the free version which means you have to paste the text into the online editor.

Paperrater also offers a plagiarism checker and similar to Grammarly it’s a premium feature. If you are on a free version, they only provide the plagiarism score but not the lines which are plagiarized. So Paperrater’s free plagiarism tool is a bit ahead of Grammarly because at least they can tell you if there is any duplication.

Like any other top-rated grammar software, Paperrater highlights the issues with red, blue and green colors. The red for the spelling mistakes, green for grammar while blue provide the suggestion regarding words choice that may fit best according to the situation. The tool also lists out the transitional word from your content and give a list of additional transitional word you may consider for making your content more readable.

Conversely to Grammarly, it put the restriction on the number of pages/words to analyze in a single scan. You are allowed to scan up to 6 pages roughly 300 words/page. But there paid plan free from such limitations. So it’s worthy to try if we compare the free version of both.

PaperRater Package:

  • Monthly: $7.48
  • Yearly: $47.70


  • Low cost and quite efficient in detecting the spelling, and fundamental grammar mistakes
  • Provide the style suggestion based on your writing
  • Allow you to choose the education level and paper type (like essay or blog article etc.)
  • The grade score provide the overall rating of your content
  • Includes vocabulary builder as well as vocabulary usage score
  • Lots of tips and relevant material for improving your grammar


  • A limited number of words can scan in a free version
  • Even on premium plans, you can perform up to 25 checks/month while Grammarly provides unlimited checks
  • The only web-based editor no application for desktop or web browsers


If you are a blogger, you surely know about the Jetpack plugin. It is a free WordPress plugin that most commonly used for site traffic stats, auto social media posting, and monitoring. Fortunately, this essential plugin comes with proofreading capabilities like checking spellings, grammar, and style. Offering these characteristics at your convenience at no cost makes Jetpack one of the best Grammarly alternative.

Jetpack check your text by using the famous After the Deadline technology. It highlights the issues and suggestion by underlining the words with different colors. The tool points out the grammar, spelling as even the Style of your writing. That’s a pretty much from a free of cost tool.

Either write down the content or paste in the WordPress editor and then hit the Proofreading icon. It takes no time and instantaneously shows all the detected issues. One thing that may annoy you a bit, for correcting every word you first have to click on the underlined word and then click on the suggestion. While on the Grammarly and ProWritingAid, etc. you just have to hover the mouse over the word and then click the provided suggestion.

The best part of Jetpack is that you can configure its settings greatly to which type of issues it should detect such as passive voice, complex phrases, redundant verbs, overused words, jargon and many others. You can also enable automatic proofreader that will work before publishing the paste/page. But they will ask you whether to publish the original post or after correcting it.

Another great thing is that the tool not just analyzes the content written in English but also German, French, Spanish and Portuguese. That’s a great job then Grammarly as it only able to check the English written contents but on the other hand Jetpack is not able to discriminate between British and American English. Whilst Grammarly can differentiate efficiently. So all in all, Jetpack proofreading capability is excellent especially when it cost nothing, but it’s not as advanced as Grammarly.

Jetpack Pricing:

  • It is Free


  • Most importantly it costs nothing
  • Powerful WordPress plugin to avail multiple functionalities such as traffic stats, themes, security and more
  • Can detect numerous issues including overused, complex, and hidden verbs
  • Jetpack proofreading tool scans the text for grammar and style as well
  • It can check English, Spanish, German, Portuguese and French


  • Cannot distinguish between US and British language
  • Does not include any feature for improving the vocabulary
  • Require double click for correcting the single word. That’s not good.


1Checker is a free Grammarly alternative which comes with great usability. You can run a proofread scan through their online, Windows, Mac version. There is also an add-on for Word and Outlook. The most significant thing about this tool of this is that it’s entirely free.

This writing enhancement software has various features to offer such as spelling check, vocabulary, confused, dictionary and style checking. Moreover, there is also a translator that translates between six languages like English, Spanish, German, and French, etc. Unlike some other tools such as WhiteSmoke, 1Checker impressively offer all of their functionalities at just one dashboard, and you don’t have to shift between various interfaces.

While working on Grammarly online editor, the most common problem we suffer is its auto-save functionality. It does not work well, so sometimes changes or content don’t get saved. 1Checker also has the capability for autosave, but for additional safety layer, they do offer manually save option.

You can upload or directly paste the content in the editor whereby clicking on “Review” you can a see a report of your text that shows the number of spelling mistakes and other related information. The tool underlines the words with issues by red and blue color. Blue is the enrichment suggestion while all others are red.

Similar to Grammarly when you click on any underlined word the tool will provide explanations at the sidebar. In our opinion, it’s really a simple tool that surely will not a Grammarly replacement because it will scan the text against the few rules while Grammarly is continuously improving their capability to analyze the text for 400+ rules. So 1-checker might be suitable if you are searching for free, simple and basic tool.

1Checker Pricing:

  • Free


  • It is totally free
  • Can be integrated with various platforms like Windows, Mac, and MS Office
  • Translate between 6 languages English, Chinese, Spanish, German, French and Portuguese
  • They allow letters, scholarships, business reports and a lot of others
  • You can correct all the errors at once – we don’t recommend this feature to use
  • Provide suggestions for spelling, styles, and vocabulary, etc.


  • Only suitable for very basic or use as a second proofreading tool
  • No plugin for the web browsers
  • No plagiarism checker services
  • Does not offer the choice of the British and US English

Other Tools Like Grammarly You May Like to Try:

We carefully crafted the above list and included the most credible proofreading tools so far in the industry. But you can also give a try to below ones:

  • Slickwriter
  • Hemmingway
  • OnlineCorrection
  • Reverso
  • Typely
  • GrammarBase

Conclusion – What’s The BEST Grammarly Alternative?

By experience, we encourage you to consider choosing ProWritingAid and WhiteSmoke because these are quietly efficient and well-reputed proofreading tools.

But personally, we think Grammarly is so far the most advanced that you can grab. It has the ability to scan your content with over 400 types of grammatical errors.

ProWritingAid is super easy to use and check the grammar and spelling mistakes adequately as well as great for vocabulary enhancement. Furthermore, there are lots of other features like overused word detection, style checker, repeat words, and transition at just one screen. All these come at very affordable pricing. They do have plagiarism checker, but it’s not included in their proofreading tool pricing which means for using plagiarism checker you have to pay additional amount.

To be more concise, Grammarly is always our first recommendation but if Grammarly is pricey in your case then in our opinion ProWritingAid is the only one that has the potential to be considered as the Grammarly alternative.