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2024’s Best GoDaddy Alternatives and Competitors to Get Quality Hosting and Cheap Domain Names

Well if you are searching GoDaddy alternative for cheap domain registration or quality web hosting, that’s normal you are not all alone.

GoDaddy is the biggest domain registrar that has 75+ million domain under their management and there were times to trust on their hosting quality. The company earns so much popularity mainly by domain registering business but now GoDaddy is no longer considered as the reliable hosting provider.

There are plenty of sound reasons that let people seek GoDaddy alternatives.

  • Uptime is the most crucial part of any hosting company. The GoDaddy servers have the tradition of excessive downtimes which affect your sales as well as search engine rankings.
  • It looks like GoDaddy host a huge number of user on a shared server which is why after lots of optimization you still not able to get the speedy services compared to the companies that we mentioned below.
  • A major bad spot on GoDaddy face is when their services like web hosting and emails got hacked.
  • Poor customer support practices. Live Chat The choice, while ticketing system is time-consuming. A phone line is available which is not a viable option for everyone.
  • Another big reason to find its alternative is their unprofessional pricing strategies. Their domains and hosting prices may look attractive for you but they create a big hole in your pocket at the time of renewal.
  • They are known to use excessive unnecessary upsells like they automatically add backup add-on that cost you separately when buying hosting.

So no need to invest in GoDaddy’s poor performing servers as there are great GoDaddy alternatives which really care about their customers by charging competitive prices without compromising the performance.

2024’s Best Godaddy Alternatives for Quality Web Hosting and Affordable Domain Registration

InMotion Hosting

Started back in 2001, InMotion becomes immensely popular among the bloggers and developers. Besides the several industry awards, they are CNET certified and own A+ rating on BBB. The impressive 24/7 customer support, prolong money back guarantee, and stable services make it the best substitute against GoDaddy.

Why is InMotion better than GoDaddy?

Low Latency

Being powered with SSDs InMotion can deliver the fastest services than GoDaddy. Unlike the spinning drives, SSDs don’t involve any rotating disc to read and write the data, thus able to provide fast speed and your site will load faster.

Moreover, InMotion offers Max Speed Zones for improving your site speed. What does this mean? Max speed zones are the Turbo data centers optimized for ultimate performance. During the checkout process, they put the choice in your hands to select a data center near to your target audience for lowest possible latency.

2 Websites on a Single Account

GoDaddy allows you to host only 1 site on their most basic plan while on InMotion, you can host 2 websites on a single hosting account. This makes InMotion more economical compared to GoDaddy. Furthermore, hosting 2 websites on two different accounts may consume more time than hosting 2 sites on a single account.

90 Days Refund Policy

This is the best part of the InMotion services. Where GoDaddy offers only 30 days money back guarantee, InMotion provides generous 90-days for testing their services.

Customer Support

Godaddy does not offer 24/7 live chat. Although you can call them anytime which is not a viable option for every customer and submitting tickets is comparatively a slow way for getting help. InMotion offers 24/7 Live Chat, Phone, Skype and tickets.

Free Credit for Domain Name

Both InMotion and Godaddy provides free domain name when buying a hosting account. But here InMotion offer free domain credit which means if you don’t have a name in your mind don’t worry complete your purchasing process as you can purchase domain after for free. While on GoDaddy you don’t have such facility.

Free Backup Services

In this area, InMotion does a great job. GoDaddy does not include free backup service instead they offer backup as an add-on that cost you $0.99/mo additionally. On the other side, InMotion provides free daily backup service and you have the choice to restore it once in 4 months.

Prominent Features:

  • 99.9% uptime
  • Powered by solid state drives
  • Pre-installation CMS choices like WordPress, Joomla, etc.
  • Application roll-back facility
  • Free backup and restoration services
  • Over 400+ with the 1-click installer
  • Free $150 advertising credit

Comparison table of most basic plans:

InMotion GoDaddy
$4.19/mo $3.99/mo
Free Domain Yes Yes
Websites 2 1
Storage Unlimited – SSD 100GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unmetered
Email Accounts Unlimited 100
Free SSL Yes No
Refund Policy 90 days 30 days


The company established in 2004, with the aim to “craft with care” packages. Having more than 1000K domain under their management speaks out their service excellence. SiteGround is popular for distinguished around the clock support, cutting-edge speed technologies, and robust security.

Why SiteGround a good alternative to GoDaddy?

In-House Cache Mechanism- SuperCacher

Unlike GoDaddy, SiteGround is continuously striving to deliver the benefits of hi-tech technologies to their customers. They developed SuperCacher which improve the site speed by caching both static and dynamic contents into 3 different levels. Furthermore, their developer team developed a backup system that allows simultaneous restoration fastly compared to the R1Soft which is being used by most of the companies.

Outstanding Uptime and Speed

SiteGround is phenomenal when it comes to speed and 99.9% uptime. They clearly beat GoDaddy through the use of SSD, integrated CDN, NGINX web server and SuperCacher. Plus, all of their servers are enabled with speed friendly HTTP/2 and latest PHP versions. Moreover, you can choose among the 5 datacenters located in different regions of USA, Europe, and Asia-Pacific to further improve speed. That means you have more choices to locate your site’s data center near your audience. Here note that GoDaddy does not offer a selection of data center.

Remarkable Customer Support

We love their customer support which is extremely friendly. They are knowledgeable and seems enthusiast to help their customers. They are available to provide technical assistant on live chat, and phone without any break. Where GoDaddy’s live chat is mainly accessible to assist their customers with sales queries which is not even 24/7.

Let’s Encrypt SSL

SiteGround makes available the latest technologies in such a way that users can utilize them easily; a fine example is SSL. Due to increasing security threats, SSL becomes the essential part of every type of website. Plus Google also encourages the site owners to implement it. SSL helps in to protect user data like passwords, and credit card numbers, etc. SiteGround offers it free with its hosting plans, you go to the provided cPanel where it requires few clicks for activation.

But GoDaddy does not include free SSL so far, so you have to pay an additional $6.25/mo.

Prominent Features:

  • Brilliant customer support
  • Offer 5 datacenters to choose from
  • Enable you to get benefit from the latest technologies
  • Offers in-house developed SuperCacher
  • Secure hosting – account isolation, SSL, and monitoring
  • Recommended by WordPress.org
SiteGround GoDaddy
$3.95/mo $3.99/mo
Free Domain No Yes
Websites 1 1
Storage 10GB – SSD 100GB
Bandwidth 10,000 visits/mo Unmetered
Email Accounts Unlimited 100
Free SSL Yes No
Refund Policy 30 days 30 day


FastComet is another excellent alternative to GoDaddy that has been helping the customers for 9 years. Similar to GoDaddy their customer are located all around the world and they are serving clients in almost 83 countries. Whether you want to host a simple blog or an e-commerce site, they offer stable and reliable services full of useful features than GoDaddy.

Why should we prefer FastComet over GoDaddy?

Free Domain Name for Life

Of course, you hear about free domain name when purchasing a hosting plan. Usually, that domain name is free for the 1st year and in the next year, you have to pay $14.99 (in case of GoDaddy). Whilst, FastComet did an entirely different job where you don’t need to worry about renewals. They provide you a free domain as long as you keep hosting account with them. So that’s $14.99/year saving.

Widespread Data Centers

As discussed earlier, having the data center near to your target audience fetch the content fastly hence pass a speed advantage to your site. So where GoDaddy restrict this option FastComet allow you to choose from eight datacenters where 3 in the US, 3 in Europe and 2 in Asia.

Free Backup

Without backups, your site is invariably at risk. Unfortunately, GoDaddy charges additional fees for this fundamental feature. On the other side, FastComet offers free automatic daily and weekly backups as well as restoration. Plus, if you don’t want to do it yourself, their technical team will assist you for free.

Multi-Layer Caching

FastComet offers 5 layers of caching and speed optimization (Varnish, LiteSpeed, Memcached, APC, and OPcache) to make your site blazingly fast. They cache the various components of your site and makes execution more quickly so that your website run swiftly and smoothly. Whereas GoDaddy does not make such efforts to benefits their users. Moreover, unlike GoDaddy, the speed friendly SSDs are being used by FastComet.

45 Days Money Back Guarantee

Where 30 days refund policy offered by most of the companies, FastComet beat GoDaddy in this area by providing 45 days refund policy. When subscribing web hosting plans for 1-3 years, having more days for refund eligibility gives more security to your investment.

Customer Support

Using a company server who does not have customer support in their priorities is a mess. But FastComet is outperforming in this field. Unlike GoDaddy, they offer 24/7 live chat for quick help. Additionally, there is a toll-free number, tickets and free tutorials for self-help.

Prominent Features:

  • High performance hosting solutions on SSD’s
  • Fully secure by proactive monitoring and firewalls
  • Free daily and weekly backups & restoration
  • Above standard money back guarantee
  • The choice to choose among the 8 datacenters
  • A very well reputed company
FastComet GoDaddy
$3.95 $3.99/mo
Free Domain Yes – Forever Yes
Websites 1 1
Storage 15GB – SSD 100GB
Bandwidth 25000 visits/mo Unmetered
Email Accounts Unlimited 100
Free SSL Yes No
Refund Policy 45 days 30 day


Firstly the company named as “Iniquinet” to serve the selected customers. In 2003 they started under the new name “A2Hosting”. The SSDs, LiteSpeed Cache, and turbo sever technologies advantages are being utilized by the company to accommodate swift services. Moreover, they are also known for their developer friendly plans and fully customizable VPS hosting packages.

How Is A2Hosting better than Godaddy?

Secure Environment

A2Hosting take several steps to maintain a safe and secure hosting platform. They do scanning on a proactive basis to prevent any unwanted event. Moreover, free security package includes automatic kernel updates, dual firewall, brute force defense, and round-the-clock monitoring. Also, there is free let’s encrypt SSL from basic to highest plan. So where GoDaddy has a lousy history of security, A2Hosting takes tight preventive precautions to ensure bulletproof measures.

Anytime Money Back Guarantee

The anytime money back guarantee differentiate A2Hosting from the rest of the industry. On GoDaddy, if you are unhappy with their quality, you won’t be able to get your funds back after 30-days. Whereas at A2Hosting, you can get a full refund within 30 days. And after first 30-days you are still eligible for a refund which will be issued on the pro-rated basis of unused services. So unlike GoDaddy, they did not lock your investment.

Turbo Technology

A2Hosting is one of the companies that deliver fantastic page load time regardless of the hosting packages you select. However, the turbo plan gives you the highest speed because of the turbo server that hosts fewer client sites. So no matter you are on a basic or highest plan your site get remarkable speed.

Various Data Centers

Like other Godaddy alternatives mentioned in this list, A2Hosting also offers globally located datacenters. A2hosting allow you to take a data center near targeted audience to overcome the sever distance factor up to some extent so that data travels quickly.


When it comes to scalability, A2hosting offers plenty of room for your growing projects within a reasonable pricing tag. When your site grows or you want more control over resources, VPS plans are good to go comes with managed and self-managed characteristics. There is an instant availability of VPS, dedicated, managed WordPress, cloud hosting and many other specialized solutions.

Customer Support

A2Hosting customer support team consists of technical hosting gurus. The US-based support will assist you 24/7 on live chat, tickets, and phone. Whenever we reach them, they make a hasty appearance and quickly answer our queries.

Prominent Features:

  • Excellent reputation with A+ BBB rating
  • Plentiful Auto-Install applications
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL
  • Allow you to choose datacenter location
  • Free HackScan security to strongly protect your site
  • Amazing anytime money back guarantee
A2Hosting GoDaddy
$3.92 $2.99/mo
Free Domain No Yes
Websites 1 1
Storage Unlimited 100GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unmetered
Email Accounts 25 100
Free SSL Yes No
Refund Policy First 30 days full refund then pro-rated 30 day


GreenGeeks is the leading green hosting provider using renewable energy that makes it differentiated from GoDaddy and rest of the industry. Started in 2008, the company hosted more than 300K websites on their servers which is quite good numbers in this competitive industry. By powering their servers on the renewable energy, they efficiently provide 99.9% uptime with better speed than GoDaddy.

Reasons that make GreenGeeks better alternative to GoDaddy


GreenGeeks take steps to protect the environment by reinvesting in renewable energy. They are in partnership with U.S. EPA Green Power to strengthen their objectives against pollution. That’s really an impressive idea to invest in green energy instead of just running the business and making the profit out it.

All-inclusive Package

Instead of different hosting packages, GreenGeeks offer a single all-rounder plan. So you don’t have to choose which plan best suits your site. On their sole shared hosting plan you will get unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage on SSDs. Furthermore, the plan support unlimited databased, email accounts, sub-domains and parked domains.

Unlimited Websites in One Account

Usually, the hosting providers allow only one website on their basic plans like GoDaddy, but GreenGeeks being generous here allowing you to host unlimited sites. So if you are tight on budget but want to host more than one domain, then GreenGeeks is good to go. Here note that hosting two or three sites might be reasonable but more than that can affect the performance.

Built on Latest Technologies

Like other GoDaddy substitutes, GreenGeeks also maintain high performance by utilizing latest techs. First of all, they are using SSDs in RAID-10 array. The RAID-10 is known to provide the high protection against the hardware failure. In addition, for fast speed, the accounts are LiteSpeed optimized, integrated with CDN and supported by HTTP/2 and PHP7. You will also get their PowerCacher and option to select between United States, Europe, and Canada data center.

Free Nightly Backups

While having the title of site owner you should never overlook the importance of backups because bad things can happen anytime. You should be aware that a hacker does not knock before sneaking to your site. So why to pay additional amount while GreenGeeks offer free nightly backup service. But, remember you can restore once in a calendar month.

Customer Support

Their support staff is always quick to answer the questions. There is an availability of 24/7 live chat, phone, and tickets. Plus their knowledge base and tutorials contain useful material.

Prominent Features:

  • Green hosting – helps to wipe out your carbon footprints
  • The all-rounder plan includes everything to run your blogs
  • Helpful 24/7/365 friendly customer support
  • Crafted with the latest infrastructure
  • Provide you withthe choice to select the server location
  • Free website builder and developer friendly tools
GreenGeeks GoDaddy
$4.95/mo $3.99/mo
Free Domain Yes Yes
Websites Unlimited 1
Storage Unlimited – SSD 100GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unmetered
Email Accounts Unlimited 100
Free SSL Free CloudFlare SSL No
Refund Policy 30 days 30 day


Bluehost is one of the 20 giant hosting providers that power over 2 million domain names. The company began in 2003 and is extremely popular for beginners due to their cost-effective hosting solutions. Besides the simple shared hosting, they also offer cloud, VPS, dedicated, managed WordPress, and specialized WooCommerce hosting. Also, the company is at the top of WordPress.org recommended hosting list.

Why Bluehost?

Resource Protection Technology

In shared hosting, each server is shared by a lot of users, which also result in cost distribution and that is why you have to pay less compared to the VPS and Dedicated servers. But on a shared server, there are always chances that some big sites may eat the other account resources. To overcome this Bluehost introduces resources protection technology that identifies the excessive resource consuming sites and temporarily shift them to a separate system so that everyone gets their right resources.


Backups are the quickest and probably the easy way to get everything right when a plugin, codes or a hacker mess with your website. So opposite to GoDaddy, Bluehost offer free daily, weekly, and monthly backups and restoration is also free.

Enhanced cPanel

Like other hosting companies, Bluehost also offers an intuitive cPanel which almost becomes the standard control panel in the hosting industry. They have designed the traditional cPanel and make it colorful as well as efficient. However, BlueHost does have exclusive WordPress tools dashboard to manage your WordPress blogs.

Integrated CDN facility

Bluehost put greater ease for the user to use the advanced features like CloudFlare CDN. The content delivery network undoubtedly improves performance by distributing your site among their globally located servers. So if a user in New York accesses your site, the CDN automatically serves the copy of your content from the nearest datacenter to avoid any lagging. On Bluehost, the CloudFlare CDN is available right in cPanel and you can activate it from just mouse clicks, no muddled coding.

Customer Support

Bluehost is not outstanding in customer support, but unlike GoDaddy, they do offer live chat. The live chat is helpful but does not respond timely most of the time. You can also seek help through phone, ticket submission, and knowledgebase.

Prominent Features:

  • Various scalable hosting options
  • Free domain name for the 1st year
  • Enhanced cPanel with in-house designed tools
  • Free backup and restoration services on all plans
  • Reliable hosting solutions for beginners and small site owners
BlueHost GoDaddy
$3.95/month $3.99/mo
Free Domain Yes Yes
Websites 1 1
Storage 50GB 100GB
Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered
Email Accounts 5 100
Free SSL Yes No
Refund Policy 30 days 30 day

Top GoDaddy Alternatives for Domain Name Registration


No doubt, GoDaddy is the largest domain name registrar having millions of customers around the world. But, you might be surprised to know that their domain registration and renewal prices are higher than many companies. For instance; NameCheap has lower rates for both registration and renewals. Plus, you also get free WHOIS for the first year.

GoDaddy charges $11.99 (.com) for first-time purchase and then $14.99 for renews whereas NameCheap cost $10.98/y and $14.99/y for renewals with free WHOIS protection for the first year. On the other hand, you might find a GoDaddy promo code to get a domain just at $0.99, but again it costs higher if you want a domain for a longer period.

When we compare the WHOIS prices, GoDaddy also has higher rates than NameCheap. They demand $7.99/year and then $9.99/year for renewing whereas NameCheap costs $2.88/year with the same renewal price. NameCheap is a small brand than GoDaddy, but they are the ones who stood against SOPA which means they know the importance of users’ privacy.

Note: We’re not against GoDaddy, but these are few facts that you should know before deciding which domain registrar would be the best for you.


You may find NameSilo new but they are serving the customer for a while and now managing over 1 million domains. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on advertisements, they focus on providing the cheapest domain registration services with free WHOIS protection. You can buy a .com domain just at $8.99/year which is way cheaper compared to GoDaddy. The best part is their renewal rates are also the same and way lower than the competition.

If you’ve a limited budget, feel free to select NameSilo. They also have a marketplace where you can buy or sell your domains just like GoDaddy’s Auction market. With a simple and minimalistic control panel, editing DNS and other options are deadly simple. NameSilo also offers a 3-days refund policy for all registrations.

Conclusion – What’s the Best Alternative to GoDaddy?

Because everyone has their own requirements, so you can trust these hosting providers and registrars. These companies beat GoDaddy in most of the areas and are known to deliver quality with high performance. But out of these providers, if we have to choose between these, we recommend InMotionHosting and FastComet. Both offer differentiated plans so pick as per your requirements.

On the other hand, if you are concerned with high GoDaddy domain renewals, then NameCheap is one of the oldest and trusted GoDaddy alternatives that not only cost you lower but offers free domain name privacy.

So which one do you pick? You can let us know by posting comments below.