8 Best HostGator Alternatives for 99.9% Uptime and Guru Support

We are using HostGator for a couple of our blogs for the last three years, and so far, everything is good except “technical support”. However, there are many users who complain about uptime as well as security issues. But, we have optimized our websites with W3Total Cache plugin and implemented custom rules to improve page loading, so the speed is not an issue for us. If you’re looking for HostGator alternatives that offer awesome support and performance, then keep reading.

Poorly maintained technical support, free backup restoration cost of $25, No Let’s Encrypt, No SSDs are some of the major things where HostGator lacks otherwise users facing other problems can also choose any of the below-mentioned web hosting services. We have tested each of them regarding uptime, loading speed, technical assistance, and crucial features.

Here are some facts about HG you might be interested to know:

  • Handling 8 million global sites
  • One of the top 10 largest web hosts in the world
  • Provide the cheapest shared and cloud server
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • One-click app installer for WordPress, Drupal
  • 1100+ tutorials in text and video format
  • 45-days money back guarantee

So without further ado, let’s start!

Name InMotion GreenGeeks HostGator
Free Domain Yes Yes No
Websites 2 Unlimited 1
Storage Unlimited – SSD Unlimited – SSD Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unmetered
Let’s Encrypt SSL Yes Yes No
Choice of Data Center Yes Yes Yes
Refund Policy 90-days 30-days 45-days

8 Best HostGator Alternatives and Competitors Web Hosting Providers 2020

InMotionHosting – Overall Best Host


With over 15+ years of industry experience, InMotion is a CNET certified host for the last 15 years regarding top quality hosting services. They also have A+ BBB rating and outstanding 4.5+/5 rating by real users. InMotion beats the competitor host in many fields such as longer 90-days refund policy, two domains on the basic package, SSD based storage, and much more. They also deliver an incredible uptime of 99.9% with under 1 second load time. You can pick Max. Speed zone data centers located in West and East Coast for ultimate performance.

Turbo Servers with Excellent Reliability

HostGator don’t offer data center choices as well as has standard performance whereas InMotion do have Turbo servers located on East and West Coast. All of their machines use solid state drives to store data and loads it way faster than HDD’s. This also helps to maintain uptime because during traffic surges, SSD’s do not slow down your website speed nor accessibility due to 200% faster I/O speeds. It means you get better reliability than the competition.

Unmetered SSD Hosting and Bandwidth

You get restriction-free storage and monthly data transfer from both companies, however, InMotion has SSD devices in place to ensure high performance. Keep in mind, HG allows 65GB space but claims unlimited hence makes InMotion better alternative to HostGator. This is still enough to manage medium sized sites getting a lot of traffic.

Free Domain Name Registration

Unlike HostGator, you get a free domain for the first year with each annual based subscription which is a real $15/year saving. If you don’t have any good name in mind then with the help of domain credits, you can register one later after checkout.

Prolong Money Back Guarantee and Support

Compared to HostGator’s 45-day refund policy, InMotionHosting provides a whopping 90-days refund which is twice longer. So, this is a clear win for InMotion, but your investment is much secure by the aforementioned host. Regarding customer assistance, they are way quicker and helpful than others.

  • CNET certified and A+ rating at BBB
  • Free backup and restoration
  • 90 days refund period
  • Datacentre location choice
  • Free advertising credit and site builder
  • Unlimited email accounts with unlimited storage
  • Free site migration with zero downtime
Name InMotion HostGator
Overall Rating 4.8/5 4/5
Starting Price $4.19/mo $3.58/mo
Free Domain Yes No
Websites 2 1
Storage SSD Unlimited HDD Unlimited
Avg. Load Time 995ms 2sec
Support A+ B+
Refund Policy 90-days 45-days

GreenGeeks – Cheap HostGator Alternative for Unlimited Domains

greengeeks website like hostgator

GreenGeeks is our runner-up most favorite alternative company against HostGator that provides unlimited web space alongside unlimited allowed domain names. They are one of the leading green hostings in the world and reinvest three times of used energy from the grid in renewable energy. Their fast and scalable platform backed by 5 different data centers. You can get shared, VPS, dedicated, reseller, WordPress hosting at affordable rates with all the bells and whistles to run operational websites.

Cheapest Web Solutions for Multiple Domains

Where most of the providers offer different hosting packages, GreenGeeks serve a single one in the shared category. This single package can be used to handle unlimited domains as it comes with no storage and bandwidth caps. Plus, it’s way cheaper when you buy for long term. They have prices each plan carefully no matter if it’s VPS or Dedicated and doesn’t make a big hole in your pocket.

Unlimited Raid-10 Array SSD Hosting

As mentioned above, GreenGeeks is the best alternative to HostGator as they also allow unmetered space alongside data transfer. But there is something even better; their whole platform is backed by a RAID-10 array which ensures redundant resources and protects your data in case of any incidence. Raid-10 is the best measure to clone/sync data in various disks in real time.

Free Domain Name Registration

Giving a free domain name with yearly subscriptions is a well-known business practice to entice customers, like other providers, GreenGeeks also give a free domain for the first year. You miss it with HostGator which costs you around $15/year extra. They also allow free SSL certificate for all users, this is another perk you don’t get from HG.

Eco-Friendly and Scalable Platform Provides Max. Uptime

Being one of the leading green company in hosting industry, their eco-friendly network designed for flexible scalability. So, you can enhance your server specs whenever needed without migration the whole website. Besides, secure account isolation through advanced technologies protects each user’s resources hence deliver 99.9% uptime and even 100% in some months.

  • Fast, reliable hosting powered by Green energy
  • Host unlimited websites on their single plan
  • Built-in easy scalability
  • Combined with PowerCacher, http/2 and RAID-10 storage
  • Multiple choices for datacentres
  • Nightly backups free of cost
Name GreenGeeks HostGator
Overall Rating 4.8/5 4/5
Starting Price $3.95/mo $3.58/mo
Free Domain Yes No
Websites 1
Storage SSD Unlimited HDD Unlimited
Avg. Load Time 1.5sec 2sec
Support A+ B+
Refund Policy 30-days 45-days


a2hosting hostgator alternative

A2Hosting is featured with scalable as well as trustable hosting solution optimize with the aim to provide blazing fast speed. Whether you are a developer or a blogger you find their platform supportive and responsive. Besides the shared hosting, the company also offer affordable and customizable VPS packages. So if you are searching HostGator alternative with higher uptime, speed and customer support A2Hosting is a powerful solution.

Guess What? You Can Refund Anytime

One of the reasons for A2Hosting popularity is their unique money back guarantee. With HostGator after 45-days, you can’t ask them for the refund if you are not satisfied. But A2Hosting allow its user to claim for the refund anytime in case of dissatisfaction. Within 30-days you can ask for a full refund while after 30-days you are still able to get pro-rated credits of unused services.

Secure Web Hosting Platform

The company ensures secure platform to its users with round the clock monitoring. The proactive protection policy covers you against any potential vulnerabilities. In addition, there is auto daily kernel updates, and dual web firewall. You are protected against the dangerous brute force attacks. For secure transactions, Let’s Encrypt SSL is included free which get’s activated automatically.

4 Global Datacenters

A2Hosting offer 4 datacenters. Two in the USA, one in Europe and one in Asia. During the checkout process, you can make the selection for a data center that should be near to your target traffic. However, you won’t able be able to do so with HostGator.

Exclusively Speed Optimized Servers

A website with slow loading time badly affects your SEO, traffic, bounce rate, and sales. As a result, all of the A2Hosting plans are optimized to deliver the fastest speed. First of all their all plans include SSDs for speed boost while HostGator still rely on old HDDs. All servers are equipped with minimum 64GB RAM and minimum 12 cores.

But they also exclusively designed “Turbo” plan for speed. For large websites, this plan suits best as it includes turbo server properties, i.e., few users on each server, and enhanced resources, etc. Further, it contains A2optimized accelerator (site caching), CloudFlare plus for mobile speed, HTTP/2, and LiteSpeed cache.

Customer Support

A2Hosting’s technical support is powered by Gurus. The support is given 24/7 via multiple channels such as tickets, live chat, and phone. You will find them way better than HostGator support services in terms of response time and problem resolving.

  • Hosting on SSD drives for fast performance
  • Anytime money back guarantee
  • Offers both Windows and Linux hosting
  • Exclusive plan powered by Turbo servers
  • Select from 4 datacentres
  • Numerous choices for pre-installation
Name A2hosting HostGator
Overall Rating 4.8/5 4/5
Starting Price $3.92/mo $3.58/mo
Free Domain No No
Websites 1 1
Storage SSD Unlimited HDD Unlimited
Avg. Load Time 995ms 2sec
Support A+ B+
Refund Policy 30-days then prorated 45-days

SiteGround – Fastest HostGator Alternative with Guaranteed Uptime


Apart from WordPress.org recommendation, SiteGround also popular due to many in-house innovations like SuperCacher, Pro-active monitoring, Custom Linux container, and robust account isolation technology. They offer multi-layer cache system using which you can configure caching for static and dynamic contents. Plus, one-click SSL activator with “Enforce HTTPS” option, protects your entire site without any codings – good for newbies and starters. The company uses SSD’s along with custom server-level caching to ensure blazing fast speed across the world through various data centers (5 data centers).

Leading-Edge Infrastructure Backed by SSD’s

The passionate team behind SiteGround work day and night to craft the latest technological innovations for above industry standards services. They love WordPress and know how to deal with it, that’s why introduced “SG Optimized” years ago to make your WP blogs faster than before. Even more, this plugin also available for Drupal and Joomla CMS. As SSD’s empowering the entire platform, so you get exceptional and beyond expectation page loading through 5 data centers located globally.

Exclusive In-House Built Tools

The availability of exclusive tools by the company making them the most versatile hosting company compared to HostGator. Their experienced engineers have developed custom Linux kernel, monitoring tools, SuperCache, and anti-bot AI system to block brute force attacks as well as save system resources. You might be surprised to know this artificial intelligence system alone prevent millions of attack every month.

Furthermore, an automatic backup tool creates backups of the last 30-days. Additionally, pro-active monitoring round the clock helps to address issues that may occur in the near future. So, they resolve problems promptly to sustain reliability.

Industry Leading “BEST” Customer Support

We have two accounts with SiteGround and so far, they served “the best of the best” customer support available 24/7 via live chat, phone call, and email tickets. On live chat, they are responsive enough to reply with 2 minutes in most of the cases. The best part? The technical staff reply within 20 minutes which is AWESOME. They fix your hosting account and WordPress problems on priority basis. Where most of the hosts suggest hiring third party developers, they try their utmost to resolve technical issues.

Robust Account Isolation with 99.99% Uptime

Shared hosting accommodates hundreds of users on one server and to protect each account’s security; a robust system should be in place. And to fulfill this requirement, in 2008, SG was the first host to introduce CHROOT isolation. This isolation feature assures top-class security and resources protection of each account on the shared server.

Free WP-CLI and Staging

SiteGround includes advanced features such as WP-CLI and WordPress staging to address developers as well as advanced webmasters needs. With the help of staging, they can test new changings and developments before implementing on the real site. HostGator don’t include it which is a major drawback for some users who cannot afford website breaking due to the latest updates. Thanks to SiteGround for this remarkable feature at no additional fees.

  • 99.99% uptime
  • Using advanced infrastructure such as NGINX  web server, Http/2, and php7 etc.
  • Amazing fast and friendly support
  • Free CDN provided with every plan
  • Included with free let’s encrypt SSL
  • Datacentres in the US, Europe, and Asia-pacific
  • Top-notch security include account isolation, proactive monitoring, and firewalls
Name SiteGround HostGator
Overall Rating 4.8/5 4/5
Starting Price $3.95/mo $3.58/mo
Free Domain No No
Websites 1 1
Storage 10 GB SSD HDD Unlimited
Avg. Load Time 995ms 2sec
Support A+ B+
Refund Policy 30-days 45-days


TMDHosting top hostgator alternatives

Not a big but one of the reliable hosting provider available in the market. The company is known to offer feature-rich plans at reasonable pricing. Whether you want to host a Linux app or a Windows, TMD offers you trustable solutions on shared, vps, and dedicated servers. The company welcomes you with a free domain name, NGINX web server, SSDs and 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Cheaper than Competition

TMDhosting offers not only better performance than HostGator but also more economical choices. HostGator playing a trick to offer bigger discounts on their longer-term annual plan like 3-years but when you select short billing cycle like 1-year, their pricing doesn’t remain competitive, i.e., $5.95/mo. Whereas TMDhosting also offers an enormous discount on 3-years plan, but when you select 1-year package their pricing remains very competitive ($3.95/month). So with TMDhosting, first you save bucks by getting a free domain and then on web hosting.

Free Backups

When it comes to backups, HostGator adopt a weird policy. They do claim free backup services but what’s the purpose of that free backup if you are now allowed to restore for free. Yes, for restoration you have to pay an additional $25 for each recovery. However, TMD offers free backup as well as restoration services. They keep the files for the last 7 days.

Globally Located 6 Datacenters

The purpose of choosing a data center near your targeted audience takes part to reduce the loading time – site load quickly. Because the site data needs less time to present the page to your visitor compared to distant servers. So where HostGator lacks this option TMDhosting offer you to select from 6 datacenters located in the US, Netherland, Singapore, Australia, Japan, and the UK.

Secure Hosting

From the security side, TMD team take various precautionary steps. They do have automatic security patches and updates to ensure the security against DDoS. Furthermore, they implement web-based firewall backed by well-known BitNinja. They do include a SPAM expert for free. On top of all, continuous monitoring enhances protection against security threats and hardware failure.

60-Days Money Back Guarantee

No doubt HostGator providing distinguish 45 days money back guarantee which is higher than the industry-leading brands. At TMD you get more protection to your funds by getting 60 refund policy.

Customer Support

Like HostGator, TMD also offers live chat, phone and ticket submission for customer support. But TMDhosting phone support is available Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 6 PM EST. Generally, TMD live chat gets connected under a minute.

  • Very affordable web host with quality services
  • Faster page loading with 3-layer caching and SSDs
  • 60-days refund policy
  • 24/7/365 quick technical assistance
  • Choice of 6 data center locations
  • Free daily backups with no restoration fee
  • Contain SpamExpert, continuous monitoring and Bitninja security
Name TMDHosting HostGator
Overall Rating 4.8/5 4/5
Starting Price $3.95/mo $3.58/mo
Free Domain Yes No
Websites 1 1
Storage SSD Unlimited HDD Unlimited
Avg. Load Time 995ms 2sec
Support A+ B+
Refund Policy 60-days 45-days


bluehost similar to hostgator

One of the recommended hosting companies by WordPress.org, BlueHost empowering more than 2 million websites worldwide on their advanced and cutting-edge platform. They have state of the art infrastructure built for flexible scalability to upgrade user’s account without data migration. For ensured resources, CPU throttling freeze site’s consuming high resources than allowed which helps them to maintain everyone’s account and avoid other site’s downtime. Plus, round the clock 24/7 support via chat, email, and phone fix all issues in no time. We would like to recommend this alternative to HostGator without any hesitation.

Great for Beginners and Professionals

Many blogging professionals recommend BlueHost to start blogging journey under low budget as they deliver acceptable uptime, huge web space and monthly data transfer, standard performance, and email accounts. You can park various domains as well as can create sub-domain. $200 free advertising credits also included just like HostGator. Besides, free backup retains your content and doesn’t require a single penny to restore.

You Get a Free Domain Name

BlueHost gives you a free domain name for one year on the purchase of yearly hosting account whereas HostGator lacks it and the worst thing is, it’s not included in any of their hosting plans. With BlueHost, no matter if you’re going to buy a shared or cloud hosting, they offer one domain absolutely free.

Latest Hardware, Software, and Updated Security Patch

Compared to HostGator, this provider has a powerful infrastructure crafted with the latest hardware and updated security patches. Instead of a traditional cPanel, you get a colorful custom cPanel packed with essential features and easy-navigation to get the work done promptly. Furthermore, they embrace and implement updated security releases on priorities for peace of mind solutions. So, you can choose this HostGator alternative without any doubt if you’re looking for a company that focuses on bulletproof security measures.

Optimized Hosting Especially for WordPress CMS

They are partnered with WordPress for a while, this might be the reason why WordPress.org recommends them. But, the fact is they optimized each server for optimal performance and developed exclusive WP Tools to manage your blogs from a single dashboard. Right from the panel, activating SSL or taking backup takes a few mouse clicks. They have exclusive solutions for WP CMS to help you run a smooth site. Beyond that, a standard cPanel also added for easy management.

  • Just like HostGator, they also offer huge discounts
  • Easy scalability let you upgrade the resources instantly
  • Free backup as well as restoration
  • Hold resource protection technology to ensure every user resources
  • Built-in Cloudflare CDN
  • Better in Uptime and speed than HostGator
Name Bluehost HostGator
Overall Rating 4.6/5 4/5
Starting Price $3.95/mo $3.58/mo
Free Domain Yes No
Websites 1
Storage SSD Unlimited HDD Unlimited
Avg. Load Time 1.3s 2sec
Support A B+
Refund Policy 30-days 45-days


fastcomet alternative to hostgator

Users love to get freebies (including us 🙂 ) can choose FastComet to avail a free domain name for a lifetime until they maintain web hosting account. Yes, the company will pay renewals and you’ll enjoy free domain. Just like SiteGround, they also have multiple data centers (8) located around the world which helps to fetch the content way faster as you can select the nearest server depending on the targeted audience. FastComet offer SSD cloud hosting with exclusive cache system to provide maximum speeds. Furthermore, 24/7 customer support is another mentionable feature.

Highly Optimized Hosting for Lightning Fast Speeds

Unlike HostGator, FastComet adopted a multilayer caching mechanism to make your website fast. The first significant difference between these two rivals is technology. FastComet using the advanced solid state drives for fast speed while HostGator still using disk type hard drives. Additionally, FastComet ensures 2 Core CPU and extensive 2GB RAM for basic plan user while higher plan users get more RAM and CPU cores.

FastComet integrated with CloudFlare CDN, AutoMinify, and Cache header optimization, etc. Whereas their highest plan makes your blog lightning fast due to the inclusion of Varnish, Memcached, APC, and Litespeed LSAPI and OPcache. All in all, you will get impressive service even on the basic package compared to the HostGator where you can’t achieve such speed even after doing tons of manual optimizations.

Choose from 8 Data Centers

FastComet is among the few companies who offer plentiful choices of data center selection. Whereas on HostGator you don’t even ask for such option FastComet permit you to choose from Newark, Dallas, Chicago, Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, Singapore, and Tokyo data center. So whether your targeted traffic is in Asia, US or EU, you have the choice to choose the nearest location.

A Free Domain Name for Life

It’s like a jaw-dropping offer by FastComet. Like where its competitor doesn’t even offer free domain (charge $12.95/y), they offer free domain name for life. That means you don’t have to pay domain fee until you decide to pay web hosting bills.

Backups at no extra cost

FastComet also saves you handsome sum when it appears to backup and restoration services. HostGator also offer free backup, but they charge $25 for each recovery. That’s crazy expensive. However, FastComet offers free backup with 7 days retention at no extra fees.

24/7 Instant Technical Support

This is another fascinating part of FastComet. Whenever we open the chat, the support team member appears within 30 seconds. Further ticketing and phone support are well maintained for instant help.

  • You don’t have to pay for domain ever
  • Great customer support team always accessible
  • Hold one of the largest networks of data centers
  • 45 days money back guarantee
  • Free daily backups
  • Offer multiple caching levels
Name FastComet HostGator
Overall Rating 4.8/5 4/5
Starting Price $3.95/mo $3.58/mo
Free Domain Yes – for lifetime No
Websites 1 1
Storage SSD Unlimited HDD Unlimited
Avg. Load Time 995ms 2sec
Support A+ B+
Refund Policy 45-days 45-days


dreamhost best hostgator alternative

There is almost two decade of experience behind DreamHost performance excellence. The company developed different hosting packages to meet the needs of designers, bloggers, and developers. Like other companies they don’t include cPanel instead provides their in-house built control panel. Aside from the tons of useful freebies the company is very popular because of its distinguished money back guarantee. If money is not your problem, then DreamHost is the best alternative to HostGator for web hosting and domain name registration.

Generous 97 Days Refund Period

Although HostGator’s 45 days refund policy is well appreciated, but DreamHost is unbeatable when it comes to the money back guarantee. Out of the hosting providers, InMotion and DreamHost are one of the companies giving the maximum fund protection. So where InMotion offers long 90 days, DreamHost become further hospitable by providing 97 days refund period.

Host Unlimited Websites

Even though, DreamHost offers pricy plans but they try to compensate this price by allowing unlimited hosted domains. You will be provided with unlimited SSD storage and data transfer. So by hosting multiple sites, you can divide the cost.

Uptime Guarantee

You won’t see much hosting companies with guaranteed uptime. Unlike HostGator, DreamHost provides 100% uptime guarantee even on their shared servers. And in downtime, the company will pay hosting credit in return. So don’t forget to open the ticket as it is necessary and considered as the assessment of downtime by the company.

Free Domain as well as WHOIS privacy

Where most of the hosting companies offer free domain name at HostGator, you won’t be able to claim a free domain. While DreamHost firstly provides a free domain name but also include free domain privacy to hide your emails, address, and contact numbers from others (spammers) which is a rare freebie.

Free Let’s Encrypt SSL

SSL is used to maintain a secure environment by encrypting the passwords, logins, usernames as well as credit card numbers. Because of its vital role in security, SSL enabled websites are increasing with every passing day. Moreover, Google also stated that SSL has a part in site ranking. DreamHost offers free Let’s Encrypt SSL which can be switched with a few clicks while HostGator don’t include such freebies, so you have to do some additional manual work to activate the CloudFlare SSL.

Customer Support

DreamHost has an active ticketing system to provide technical help. On live chat where HostGator offer lazy 24/7 live chat, DreamHost support staff is pretty active but available during 5:30 AM – 9:30 PM Pacific Time. Further, you can make a call or learn through DIY resources provided by the company.

  • Endorsed by WordPress.org on their list
  • More than 20 years experience in the industry
  • Deliver 100% uptime guarantee
  • Free Domain and WHOIS privacy
  • Friendly hosting for developers and bloggers
  • Allow you to host unlimited domains
  • 97 days money back guarantee
Name DreamHost HostGator
Overall Rating 4.8/5 4/5
Starting Price $7.95/mo $3.58/mo
Free Domain Yes with WHOIS No
Websites 1
Storage SSD Unlimited HDD Unlimited
Avg. Load Time 995ms 2sec
Support A B+
Refund Policy 97-days 45-days

Final Thoughts – Which 2020’s HostGator Alternative Should I Choose?

Still confused to decide which one is the best alternative for HostGator?

No problem at all here is a quick overview.

We recommended InMotionHosting with full confidence for users who cannot compromise on performance and uptime. Plus, looking for SSD hosting to make their sites load faster than before. InMotion offer free domain registration for the first year, hosting account with an incredible 90-days money back guarantee, and 24/7 customer support through multiple channels such as chat, email, phone, and Skype. The best part is they allow 2 domains on the very first plan as well.

GreenGeeks is our Runner-Up host providing unmetered SSD based hosting for unlimited sites alongside a free domain name. They have an all-in-one hosting package that comes with free cPanel, 1-click installer, free SSL certificate, robust security, HTTP/2 protocol, and excellent stability. Furthermore, PHP 7.x and free CDN integration also included. Non-techy users can make use of a free website builder tool to design a beautiful looking blog. All of these features are back by a 30-day money back guarantee.

That’s it, if you need further help regarding HostGator alternative services, please don’t hesitate to contact us via this page. It will be our pleasure to assist you in choosing the best web hosting which fulfills all of your needs.