8 Best Linode Alternatives Cloud Hosting Providers (2024)

There could be many reasons vary from user to user to look for the best Linode alternative services that offer developer friendly affordable cloud hosting with the maximum uptime guarantee.

Lacking live technical support by officials might be the top reason for some customers to find quality Linode competitors.

Even though they have cutting-edge cloud solutions and advanced servers built with the latest hardware but “no instant support service” is the biggest problem.

If you’re an expert developer or programmer who knows how to deal with technical issues then “no problem” otherwise, here are some best companies you can look for.

Top 8 Best Linode Alternative Cloud Hosting Providers

#1. Vultr

Founded in 2014, Vultr makes it simple to make use of powerful cloud hosting solutions. The company offers perfect and trustable hosting solutions for developers, designers or even if you are a blogger. On top of all, they are efficient to provide 100% uptime guarantee. Like shared hosting, Vultr also provides you a one-click script for installing WordPress, GitLab, and many other applications.

Cloud hosting on high-performance infrastructure

The most notable thing about Vultr that they give you access to state of the art Intel Xeon E5 infrastructure for hosting your projects. The business class cloud hosting that never let you down because of a widespread network of servers.

Every server includes SSDs which means your project host on high-speed servers. And each account instance is established in a completely isolated environment that ensure inclement networking speed. Moreover, for high scalable projects, Vultr also offer bare-metal performance.

Choose between 15 locations

Compared to Linode, Vultr is among the few companies that offer such a vast amount of data centers that are located strategically all around the world. The includes choice of datacenters enables you to control over latency up to some extent and make your site/app load faster.

Valuable cloud hosting packages

Vultr also has the edge over Linode and other competitors when it comes to resourceful plans with considerable performance. You can launch an instance in just $2.50/mo or $0.004/h that includes 1 core CPU, 512MB RAM and 20GB SSD storage. Whereas other cloud provider does not offer the choice of such low price plans.

Numerous scalable options

Easy scalability is one of the features to look at while selecting a hosting company so that when your project grows up, you have rooms available for more resources. First of all Vultr offer tons of plans with up to 64GB RAM and 400GB storage. If that’s not enough for you, then there is the availability of bare metal and dedicated servers.

Need More storage – no problem

Compared to Linode, Vultr allows you to add up more storage to your instances easily. The insanely low price ($1/10Gb/mo) block storage is available instantly for you. Also, the block storage backed high speed by SSDs.

Customer Support

Although Vultr is amazing cloud host in terms of reliability and pricing but like any other company you’ll have to compromise on some things and that is Customer support in case Vultr. Like Linode, DigitalOcean and many other clouds hosting providers, Vultr does not offer live chat and phone. Although you can submit tickets for expert assistance. The response time is usually in hours but you will get it surely within 24 hours which is pretty standard in a ticketing system.

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#2. CloudSigma – Highly Scalable Linode Alternative

CloudSgima is an ISO security certified that means they took all the precautionary steps for security. One of the thing that makes them a good alternative to Linode is you can start with them by signing up 7 days trial account without providing credit card credentials. Furthermore, you can upgrade or downgrade the resources without risk of any data loss. Cloudsigma is the perfect alternative that built on advanced infrastructure, offer live chat support and have lots of other features to offer you. Have a look some of these

Flexibility on its BEST

Unlike the other cloud infrastructures, this Linode competitor does not offer pre-designed plans instead they allow you to craft a plan of your own choice. You can see a simple calculator on the bottom of their site to calculate the cost. And then just add the resources from their dashboard. So it means you can exactly put the resources in your basket what you seem to use. Moreover, at any point, you can downgrade or upgrade as per your needs.

Option to pay in several currencies

This uncommon facility is really helpful whose consideration is to pay in a currency other than the dollar. So you don’t need to bear any conversion charges. The company allows you to make payment in Swiss Francs, Euros, Dollar, and British pound.

Well thought cloud infrastructure with a global presence

Like Vultr, Cloudsimga is also utilizing state of the art technologies. They offer both SSD and magnetic based storage. The 10GigE Networking facilitate the seamless flow of larger data without any bottlenecks. So with Cloudsigma, you not only get the edge of high customizability but also on high-performance hardware that makes your applications fly.

Get control over server features

The company makes its efforts to deliver the ring-fenced performance. That means you will surely get the resources you pay for. Also, they provide full root access thus install OS of your choice like Linux, Windows, and FreeBSD, etc.

Customer Support

Being different here Cloudsigma stands among the companies who offer 24/7 live chat customer support. Unlike Linode who provide community chat, Cloudsigma live chat powered by their experts. Additionally, you can ask for help with emails and access the tutorials maintained on their site.

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#3. CloudWays – Best Managed Alternative for Linode Hosting

Cloudways has begun its journey in 2011, and within no time they become the popular solution for those seeking powerful cloud services. The company house tech experts to provide managed cloud hosting on the industry leading but complex infrastructure such as Google, AWS, etc. in a simplified way with their active support. Plus, their developer team add up various performance and security tweaks like cache plugins, security patches, backups and free 1-click SSL installation, etc.

Get complex cloud with simplicity

Probably one of the first and best thing about Cloudways that with the help of their tech guys you can host small to massive projects on the complex cloud infrastructure. If you ever visit (especially newbies) Amazon web service or Google cloud hosting sites you will find yourself completely lost. While through CloudWays, you don’t have to deal with any technicalities and can make hassle-free use of Google, AWS, and many other leading cloud providers.

Top-notch performance

Alongside the Cloudways backed by powerful cloud hardware, they also make their efforts to deliver the consistent and reliable services. They have include caching systems like Varnish, Nginx, and Memcached, etc. Moreover, there is also in-house caching for WordPress users. Every server support HTTP/2 which enhance the speed considerably. All in all, compared to Linode, Cloudways did a great job for speed optimization.

Security at its best

You won’t frequently see such kind of security precautions as taken by Cloudways. They include one-click SSL in each of their offered plans. To keep the intruders away, Cloudways put a dedicated firewall on their servers. Moreover, there are also automatic backups, updates and security patching and server monitoring.

Free Migration

Unlike the competition, CloudWays assist you regarding website migration. You can use their free WordPress migrator plugin for easy migration or just ask them to do it for you as there is one site migration per account available at no fees.

Customer support

Cloudways provides technical support via live chat which makes it better alternative than Linode and many other competitors. Other ways to get help are emails, active community, and knowledge base.

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#4. DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean is a trustable and popular name when it comes to affordable as well as reliable cloud hosting. Their effortless dashboard makes it easy for novice users to create droplets and unleash the power of their robust infrastructure. Moreover a large number of business sites including fastly, jquery, rancher, etc. are powered by their hardware. You can surely rely on them whether you want to host a WordPress website or an app.

Instant access to the advance platform

Once you have finalized your droplet, it will take seconds for DigitalOcean to make it ready for you. DigitalOcean comes with a mission to provide the simplified cloud solution to developers on the latest hardware like SSDs. The company proudly offer 99.99% uptime guarantee. Moreover, they are using the sophisticated 40GbE network connectivity to ensure high speed.

Built with developers in mind

DigitalOcean specifically presents their services as “designed for developers”. That means their primary focus is to meet the needs of developers. Thus developers will get everything which they might need like full root access, API and tons of apps which are just one click away. They support a variety of OS such as Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, and CentOS and many others. Furthermore, they make it easy to take snapshots, backups and store them on a separate network. You can easily integrate it with dev tools like Slack, Terraform, Saltstack, etc.

A very handy control panel

DigitalOcean can also be praised due to its easy to use dashboard making them the best Linode alternative. Either you want to create a droplet, resizing or creating DNS records you can do so easily. The easy usability allows you to spend more time on writing codes instead of managing the droplets.

Availability of 8 datacenters choices

With DigitalOcean you can manage your customers more efficiently by locating your website/app on a server near them. They maintain 8 datacenters in different regions which are Frankfurt, San Francisco, New York, Toronto, London, Amsterdam, Bangalore, and Singapore.

Active Community and tutorials

DigitalOcean offers support services mainly through the ticketing system. Plus they are also available on social media channels such as Twitter. You can also explore the user community and tutorials which are really helpful ways. You can check out these alternatives to DigitalOcean droplets if they didn’t fit your needs.

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#5. Host1Plus

Founded in 2008 by establishing its datacenters in London and Vilnius. Host1plus offers an array of products such as cloud services, dedicated, managed and network related solutions. Moreover, there is a long list of businesses that trusted on their platform including Avast, ExpressVPN, and Fedora, etc. Generally speaking, they provide trustable solutions for an individual to businesses. The service we are comparing here with Linode is Virtuozzo Servers.

High-performance services

Host1Plus not only deliver the 99.9% uptime but make this uptime productive by providing faster services. Their hypervisor KVM virtualization technology keeps isolate your account from others and deliver screaming speed. Moreover, the worldwide presence of their datacenters plays a role in enhancing speed by severing from the location near target audience. The SSD caching and RAID storage are also attributed to speed.

Support a range of OS

Host1Plus Virtuozzo supports various operating systems and for that, you don’t have to deal with commands instead at the time of purchasing the plan you can select from CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, and Fedora, etc. and even select the version you want to install.

Robust API

Application Programming Interface helps the user to manage the important aspects of the hosting account. Host1Plus offers one of the best easy to use API to manage the backups and for keeping an eye the CPU resources and bandwidth etc.

Easy integration of cPanel

This one is an excellent facility who feel more comfortable using cPanel (which is mostly provided with shared hosting). Normally you have to purchase the license and then install it manually. Whereas on Host1plus you don’t need purchase the license outside. Just add cPanel during the checkout process, and they will do the rest of the work. However, there is a fee for cPanel license.

Customer Support

Customer support is an essential part of any web host. By realizing that Host1Plus offer 24/7 live chat and ticketing system. We found them a little bit sluggish with an average response time of 4 to 6 min. However tickets and knowledge base are the helpful ways to get help.

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#6. A2Hosting

Founded in 2003, A2Hosting is a top-notch web hosting provider that offers a wide range of hosting solutions. Whether you want to build a simple WordPress blog or need a server for app development, they have everything you need. Alongside the shared, and dedicated plans they offer managed, self-managed and VPS plans which are powered by cloud capabilities. The variety of choices, scalability, and round the clock customer support makes it a great alternative to Linode.

Economical & variety of cloud hosting solutions

The unmanaged VPS plans start from just $5/mo while containing pretty handsome 2TB bandwidth, 1core CPU, and 20GB storage. The self-managed plans are the most valuable solution for experienced developers who want root control over the server. There is the availability of both Linux and Windows options.

If you need a cloud hosting with the fully managed environment, then they also offer managed cloud VPS plans that exclude root access. And if you are in search of hosting that offer both root access as well as managed cloud they offer core VPS packages.

Reliable and stable performance

Whether it comes to shared hosting or cloud, A2Hosting is really trustable regarding uptime and speed. Each of their servers contains SSDs. Although their Swift servers are fine-tuned for speed but they do offer optional turbo boost VPS add-on which further adds speed advantage to page loading time. Unlike Linode, A2Hosting provide 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Easiest configuration of package and resource scaling

On A2Hosting if you think that the pre-designed are not fit to your needs, don’t worry. They provide you with the ability to configure the resources upon your needs. Another great addition that if you don’t want to pay cPanel license, you can choose the OS with Webuzo which is totally free and allow you to deploy the system apps and CMS etc. with mouse clicks.

Anytime refund policy

A2Hosting has an apparent and differentiated refund policy. On their annual plan if you are not satisfied with their services you can ask for the full refund within 30-days. While if you ask after this period, then they issue a pro-rated refund.

24/7 Availability of experts support

While putting utmost efforts to meet the needs of a variety of customers, they also well-maintained their support area. You can get help regardless of time and event on live chat, phone, and tickets. And don’t forget their knowledgebase.

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#7. DreamHost

With having a long-term experience (working since 1997) DreamHost knows how to satisfy their customers. DreamHost not only quick in launching the cloud server but also pretty generous in providing the hosting resources. The SSD based servers offer the capabilities of Linux, BSD, and Windows OS. It’s all your choice. Although they do not offer as much cloud hosting packages as Linode but their pricing structure, the server controlling, high performance, and useful freebies stand it among the list of top Linode alternatives.

Amazing pricing

The reason why we call their pricing amazing that they provide the best value for the money. In just $4.50/month you will be given with 50GB fully SSD storage, 1core CPU, and 512MB RAM. This not ends here what we really like there is no restriction on the bandwidth. And another freebie that in a given month you get charged for 25 days.

Included Block storage

Although they allow enormous 80GB SSD storage on all of their plans but they do include free block storage to increase the storage capabilities. Each of their packages comes with 100GB block storage, so there is no chance of getting out of space.

Rule your server

DreamHost makes you the king of the server where they do not restrict installing of operating systems. Unlike others, on DreamHost, you can turn your server into Linux, BSD, or Windows-based capabilities. The servers already equipped with Linux distribution although you can also install your own.


DreamHost cloud hosting is pretty open as they allow you to connect the storage applications. The DreamObjects addon add the capabilities to connect the storage applications such as Retrospect, CloudBerry, QNAP and many others.

Customer Support

As you are operating in an unmanaged environment, you surely need the presence of an excellent customer support team. DreamHost provides help through live chat, phone, and emails. The live chat is handled by technical experts and available 5:30 AM – 9:30 PM Pacific Time.

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#8. InMotionHosting

If you’re searching an excellent Linode alternative for heavy resource consuming project irrespective of cost, then InMotionHosting cloud VPS is the way to go. Alongside the easy scalability, the company does not cap the number of CPU cores by using their intelligent system that assists in increasing the cores in peak business hours. You can get both flavors unmanaged and managed.

Stable uptime and speed

InMotion is always in the spotlight due to their stable and consistent services. They are serving the customers through the US East and West Coast data centers. All of their plans come with SSDs storage. The use of solid-state drives greatly improve the speed as well as the chances of failure hence faster delivery of contents compared to the spinning drives. The high uptime is ensured by efficient fault tolerant system which quickly rolled the server in case of failure.

Free backups and snapshots

The backup facility ensures a safe edge if something went wrong. They do create automatic backups at no cost. Besides, there is also snapshot facility that takes a copy of your server so that you can easily roll back to the previous position where everything was fine. The scheduled snapshots are created once a day.

Secure environment

While delivering stable services InMotion also strives to provide a safe zone so you can focus on your project rather than dealing with security holes. For that purpose, they partnered with Corero network security that offers protection against DDoS attacks. Plus, the automatic backups and snapshots maintain the additional layers of safety.

Monitoring Dashboard

Unlike the shared hosting, the resources like bandwidth, RAM, and storage, etc. are specified in cloud hosting, so it is essential to keep an eye on them to avoid any outages. InMotion offers a simple resource monitoring dashboard that provides the stats regarding RAM usage, storage, traffic spikes and other useful information.

Support Services

InMotion customer support services are available 24/7 on live chat, phone, and email tickets. They also assist via an exclusive way, i.e. Skype which shows their commitment to helping and satisfying the customer.

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Conclusion – Which is the Best and Reliable Host Similar to Linode?

When searching the Linode alternatives, there are plenty of choices. In our opinion and in-depth research, we listed about the most potential and closed Linode competitors. You can make a selection according to your needs. Although if you are still in confusion let’s make it simple for you.

If you’re a developer, our recommendations are Vultr and Kamatera. They deliver high-performance cloud services that come with greater flexibility to use multiple apps and OS. Moreover, they are also easily scalable so that whenever your needs grow up, you can scale up the resources. Keep in mind, Kamatera has a live chat by 24/7, so you must prefer to choose them as the prices of their plans are quite similar.

However, if you want to build a blog, then DreamHost and Cloudways are the good selection because of their simplified solutions and 24/7 live chat customer support.

So which of these Linode alternatives you think suits all of your needs and which one you’re planning to choose?