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10 Best SiteGround Alternatives and Similar Web Hosting Services of 2024

SiteGround is one of the best web hosting providers, but still, they have some cons which might urge users to look for a better SiteGround alternative that offers unbeatable performance, uptime, and last but not least round the clock customer support. There are dozens of companies claiming to provide expert support, but honestly, they do not. That’s a major problem with many hosts if we neglect performance and reliability. So, we did indepth research and craft this list to help you decide which one you should choose.

We’re using SG for the last couple of years and found them really helpful regarding loading speed, website cache tools, reliability, and technical assistance. The only con so far we have found is limited monthly visitors. However, some users also complain about their specific CPU seconds which means there are limited executions for each plan. Furthermore, specific storage capacity for all accounts can also cause to look for other hosts.

Here are some top facts and advantages of SiteGround:

  • Recommended web hosting company by WordPress.org
  • Empowering more than 1 million websites
  • Domain registrars only available with web hosting purchase
  • Exclusive in-house built tools like SuperCacher and monitoring system
  • Multi-layer static and dynamic cache levels
  • Standard shared cPanel web hosting
  • 24/7/365 customer support via multiple channels
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • SSD, HTTP/2, and 800+ security rules
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Now, let’s move to the actual meat of this article.

10 “Best” SiteGround Alternatives for 2024

InMotionHosting – Affordable Host with Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth

We recommend InMotionHosting here at AlternativeGeek as the best web hosting provider for users who can’t compromise on performance and uptime stability. They are serving customers since 2001 and with over one and a half-decade of experience, the company managed to get the attention of thousands of customers worldwide. They have hosting solutions ranging from shared to VPS, dedicated to managed WordPress hosting as well as reseller servers. IMH offers beyond industry-standard refund policy of 90-days which is unbelievable.

Unlimited SSD Hosting and Bandwidth

All of SiteGround’s packages come with solid state drives to ensure lightning-fast speed; the same goes for IMH. Instead of limited space, they allow unmetered uploads so webmasters can host huge websites having a lot of data. These drives also help to maintain uptime as well as data rendering and don’t slow down your site during sudden traffic spikes.

Free Domain Name Registration

With InMotion, each hosting package comes with a free domain name that can be registered at the time of purchase or later. They give domain credit using which you can get your web address later after the purchase. On the other hand, SG doesn’t provide a free domain with any plan. That’s a straight $12/year saving.

No Monthly Visitors Limitation

The competitor company (SG) has a specific limit regarding monthly visitors on all subscriptions like the basic one “StartUp” allow only 10k visits but InMotion doesn’t have any restrictions. With that said, if your blog or website getting thousands of visitors then pick IMH without any doubt. Keep in mind, shared server hosting is good for small to medium-sized traffic.

Robust Security Measures

All packages include a free security suite in which you get free SSL certificates, DDoS attack protection, and Hack protection. Both companies have updated solutions to avoid an unpleasant experience because of hacking. Plus, free automatic backups are also added to secure your content.

Amazing 90 Days Refund

Compared to SiteGround’s 30 days money-back guarantee, InMotion has an unbelievable 90 days refund policy which is way longer making IMH better than the competition. In the web hosting industry, one month duration is a standard period but to compete with others.

FastComet – Cloud SSD Hosting

FastComet is the closed alternative to SiteGround because of similar features and package resources. But, they provide more freebies than the competition, and all of their servers are backed by cloud infrastructure. If all you want is unbeatable speed and uptime alongside instant support, then FastComet won’t disappoint you. The company has cutting-edge solutions and business-grade servers located in different locations around the globe for low latency hence the fastest loading speed. Furthermore, free migration, free templates, and a 1-click installer are also included at no extra fees.

Fastest SSD Backed Web Hosting

Similar to SiteGround, this provider also uses solid state drives for data storage which makes it possible to fetch the website content 300% faster than traditional mechanical drives. Upon testing, we found that their servers are optimized in a way to load your site blazingly fast even without doing any manual optimization. Thanks to server-level cache rules and CDN service. However, cache plugins like W3Total Cache can further improve the speed. The combination of proper optimization results in under 400ms loading speed.

Multiple Data Centers

Just like the competition, FastComet does offer numerous data centers, but where the competitor host has only 5 locations, this one has 8 locations to help the customers choose the most appropriate server near to the target audience.

Lifetime Free Domain Name

SG does not offer a free domain for any plan whereas FastComet gives you a free domain for the lifetime until you maintain your web hosting account – that’s a big saving when you decide to have a domain name for a long period. Most of the hosts usually provide one year free domain but this company just went one step ahead to beat the competition.

More Monthly Visits than SiteGround

As both companies have monthly visitors restrictions but when we compared the allowed visits of both, FastComet permits a whopping 25k traffic where SiteGround only 10K for the very first (Startup) package. You can further increase the traffic by implementing free CDN to enhance bandwidth and unique visits.

24/7 Customer Support by Experts

Technical support is important, no one can guess when the issue will occur, right? So in this field, both providers assist the users round the clock through multiple channels including live chat, phone, and ticket system. They also have an intensive self help knowledgebase section to learn technical stuff.

45 vs. 30 Days Money Back Policy

In money back guarantee, FastComet has another edge over SiteGround as they allow 45 days to get your money back in case of dissatisfaction whereas SG allows only 30 days. So, you’ll be on the more safe side and have peace of mind with FastComet.

GreenGeeks – Cheapest Solution to Manage Unlimited Websites

Users planning to operate more than one website but have a limited budget then going with GreenGeek won’t be wrong. They are another low cost and highly affordable SiteGround competitor hosting offering solid state storage with no bandwidth and visitors cap. If you care about environmental pollution the most then you may prefer this host because they are one of the leading green hosting providers that reinest 3x of consumed grid energy in the shape of renewable energies. The entire platform is empowered by enterprise-level hardware and updated softwares.

Cheapest SiteGround Alternative for Unlimited Sites

We would like to recommend this host as a runner-up because there are many reasons to do so (you’ll find below). They are not only low cost but also allow unlimited domains on a single account.  Instead of different plans, there is only a single option in shared hosting that is capable to run multiple domains. For an extra layer of security, an SSL certificate by Let’s Encrypt is also included at no additional fees. They do have server level custom cache rules, advanced protection measures, and free automatic backups.

Unmetered SSD Storage

The most fantastic thing about GreenGeeks is unlimited solid state based storage using which you can upload thousands of files. They allow you to store as much as you can while SG offers a particular volume for all accounts. You can create an eCommerce store, personal blog, or professional services website without getting out of space.

Restriction Free Monthly Bandwidth and Visitors

All of the SG packages no matter starter or high-end can handle a specific amount of monthly traffic. On the other hand, you can host small to mid-sized websites on GreenGeeks servers without such limitations. The best thing you can do is manage multiple small sites and increase resources when your traffic grows. The flexible scalability is dead simple because the entire platform built for hassle-free scaling.

5 Choices of Data Centers

Apart from cheaper web hosting, another major thing that makes GreenGeeks the best SiteGround alternative is various data centers like the competition. Though both have five locations but you get more value from GreenGeeks with unlimited visitors.

Free Domain to Each Hosting Plan

Each web hosting plan comes with a free domain registration making them much cheaper than many other companies. First, they allow you unmetered storage, data transfer, and second, you get a free web address which is another $14/year saving. Though it’s only available for the first year still, good saving for money-conscious users.


Since started back in 2001, the company’s primary aim was delivering reliable and blazing fast hosting with guru technical customer support and they managed to provide those key features which is why thousands of real users rated A2Hosting 5/5. They also have “A” grade rating in BBB by unbiased clients. Just like SiteGround, A2 serves all kind of web solutions such as shared, dedicated, vps, cloud, email storage, and managed WordPress hosting. Plus, an amazing anytime money back guarantee is another perk for a risk-free investment.

Unmetered Solid State Drive Hosting/Transfer

Where many web hosting services like FastComet allows limited storage, A2Hosting do not implement such practices. They give you a free hand to store countless files and data on solid state drives. Furthermore, there is no monthly bandwidth or data transfer caps which makes it the top SiteGround competitor. If you love to have high performance services and cutting-edge features, then A2 would not disappoint you.

20x Turbo Servers for Maximum Performance

For robust performance and beatable loading speed, A2Hosting’s high-end plan comes with Turbo 20x speed to load your blog in a matter of milliseconds. But, it cost you a couple of few bucks compared to the primary plan. In our tests, the basic plan also delivers good loading speed with a minor optimization using W3Total Cache WordPress plugin. Beginners can start with a small package without any hesitation.

Guaranteed 99.9% Uptime

With the use of SSD, custom cache rules, and redundant resources, A2Hosting is capable of delivering an impressive uptime of 99.9 percent. They have fine-tuned servers for maximum performance even during traffic spikes. Plus, the company has enterprise grade hardware and beyond standard data center facilities to achieve such uptime.

Average 4.8/5 Rating by Real Users

Reviews can be biased, a greedy reviewer can recommend a fake company just to make own commissions, right? But what about third party real user reviews? Well, you might be surprised to know that more than 20k users rated A2Hosting as 4.8 out of 5. On top of that, many trusted review sources also thumbed up them due to outstanding performance, uptime, and support services.

Expert Technical Help Staff

This alternative to SiteGround also assist you round the clock through various methods such as chat, call, tickets, etc. and fix your problems in no time. There is also a detailed knowledge base zone where one can find helpful tutorials for self help. They have guru technical agents who know how to handle server issues and fix them on a priority basis.

Anytime Refund Policy

One of the most important things is their “Anytime Money Back Guarantee” policy. Compared to SG’s one month period, A2 offer anytime refund. Keep in mind, in the first 30 days of purchase you get the full return and after that pro-rated credits for the unused services will be given.


The company was founded back in 2001 with the primary aim to provide quality web hosting driven by professional experts for small to large sized businesses and individuals. They have 4 data centers located strategically around the globe to deliver lightning fast speed. Their data centers have redundant multiple 10-gigabit network connectivity to ensure ultimate accessibility and 99.996% uptime. Furthermore, advanced features such as WP-CLI, OpenVZ, and KVM technology are being used for developer friendly solutions.

Insanely Cheap SiteGround Hosting Alternative

When we compared the “WP-1” plan of managed WordPress hosting by KnownHost with SiteGround’s “GrowBig”, you’ll find that KnownHost is much better regarding monthly pageviews, storage, and bandwidth. But, there is a limit of one site which might be a dealbreaker for some users. However, you get more space and traffic almost within the same pricing. In this scenario, SG looks a bit expensive.

Massive Storage on SSD’s

KnownHost offer 50GB cloud based SSD storage for Managed WP hosting whereas SG provides only 20GB (WP-1 vs. GrowBig). This is 1.5x more and sufficient to manage medium level sites.

Allow 100k Monthly Traffic for Starter Plan

When you analyze the same category plans of both hosting companies, you’ll find that even both have similar monthly traffic, but you get an edge of more space and bandwidth than the competition. With a few cents of difference, you get more resources with KnownHost.

Free Advanced Features for Developers/Webmasters

Developers and advanced webmaster features are added at no extra costs including WP-CLI, Imunify360, and Litespeed’s LSCache. Imunify360 is the robust security solution backed by AI to shield against attacks and infections.

Free Backup, Migration, and Dedicated IPv6

SiteGround provides free site transfer, data backups, and other features but charges a fee on restores whereas KnownHost also does the same but do not demand any fees for restore except when you ask for specific files. Plus, dedicated IPv6 available at zero cost so you can set up a unique IP address for your website.

High-End Best Managed WordPress Hosting SiteGround Alternative for Large Websites

SiteGround is an innovative and reliable hosting provider for small to medium sites/blogs. But for the site owners who don’t mind to pay, here we enlist best hosting providers for managed WordPress hosting. These are more optimized and perform remarkably outstanding in all areas.


When it comes to the managed WordPress services, WP Engine got the power to meet the variety of needs efficiently. Their flowing hosting services are the result of optimized advanced technologies making their servers efficient to handle heavy projects flawlessly. Being managed by their experts, they best take care of security, speed, updates and any other bottlenecks. It is the best solution for those who do not want to deal with technical mess ups.

High-Class Performance

Of course, when you are going to pay a handsome amount in return, you want hassle-free services – that don’t require deep optimizations. WPEngine includes plenty of solutions like they have an in-house caching system for WordPress optimization. Evercache –specifically designed for WordPress and SSDs make your site lightning fast. Plus, CDN adds a further boost.

Security and Free Backups

As WordPress is an open source CMS, so there are security threats. While running a website on their servers, they take the responsibility to take care of your site. They take the continuous updates, web-based firewall, and malware scanning precautions. Moreover, they promise to deliver free assistance in case if some intruder hack into your blog.

Daily automated off-site backups to further strengthen security. And if you are testing out something, then you can do so without risking your original site and test those in the staging environment.

60-Days Risk-Free guarantee

While just like the many other providers SiteGround offer 30 days refund policy, WPE doubles it to provide more protection. So within 60 days if you try their services but still not happy you can ask for a refund without any hesitation.

Customer Support

Although WP Engine offers limited channels to assist the users but they maintained them pretty well. The quick chat support which is available 365 days of the year. The phone is available on every plan except for the first one. Briefly, they really care about their customers by maintaining chat for everyone where you get respond within no time.


WPXhosting probably a new name for you when we talk about SiteGround similar services because they are relatively new than other giants and just started in 2013. Due to its straightforward services setup, the use of the latest techs like SSDs and simple control panel, astonishing performance enable WPX to stand out of this crowded and highly competitive market.

Affordable and Reliable Managed Services

To ensure reliability, they not just claim but provide the 99.95% uptime guarantee which they achieve by relying on the latest technologies. You can choose either the US or the UK SSD based datacenter as well as the PHP version. The thing that makes them affordable is they allow you to host 5 websites on the first plan. This SiteGround alternative doesn’t have limits on monthly visits, but they allocate 50GB bandwidth to the basic account. So if you are searching for a fully managed alternative for multiple smaller sites, then WPXhosting is undoubtedly a way to go that comes with reasonable pricing.

Staging Area

With staging, you can create a copy of your website with mere clicks. So that before implementing the new codes, themes or plugins you can try them on the copied version and if something goes wrong it won’t affect your live site. All of the WPXHosting packages provide access to the staging feature while SiteGround only offers this on their highest plan.

Control Panel

WPXHosting does not go with the most common cPanel which is provided by most of the hosting providers because of its friendly interface. However, WPX offers a customized control panel with a minimalist interface that is exceptionally easy to use.

Domain Registration Services

SiteGround does not offer free domain although you can buy along with hosting account. On the other side, WPX is a web host as well as a domain registrar. After the invoice, they provide you with a code to get free domain and WHOIS privacy for the 1st year while the renewals are also significantly lower than the competition.

24/7 Customer care

Where SiteGround known for its outstanding support services, WPX also give greater importance in providing expeditious 24/7 customer support. For any issues, you can contact them on live chat, phone, and emails.


Whether you want to host a small blog or large business site, you will never regret your choice while hosting on Kinsta. The company offers fully managed plans which are backed by an excellent Google cloud platform that eliminate the risk of downtimes and slow page loading. Kinsta has an outstanding reputation in the industry due to their service excellence which makes them an excellent SiteGround alternative.

Trusted by Giants

No doubt, they provide robust fully managed WordPress hosting solution. They put their total energies in severing this segment. The user can enjoy a fully peaceful environment as they handle all the technical parameters including security. That is why companies like UBISOFT, RICOH, MICHIGAN AEROSPACE, and many others trust on their platform.

Scalability on Fly

You can start with a smaller plan and can easily scale your resources as your site grow. Whether your website has few thousand of monthly visits or more than a million, Kinsta is able to handle such requirements. So no matter how big your site is, the cutting edge technologies such as Nginx, MariaDB, LXD containers and Google cloud infrastructure will keep your site lightning fast.

Highly Secure Hosting

Knowing the importance of security for the webmasters, Kinsta maintains a highly secure environment through security protocols, firewalls, scanning and uptime checks. Each account includes a free SSL certificate. In addition, every plan offers free daily backup facility and there is absolutely no fee for restoration.

The Inclusion of Free CDN

The CDN comprised of numerous datacenters location all around the world. The copy of the site is distributed among those datacenters so whenever a visitor visits the site the nearest datacenter deliver the content thus page loads promptly. Kinsta includes a free CDN to each account.

15 Data Centers

Both SiteGround and Kinsta offer multiple choices of data centers. Although where SG is limited to 5 data centers, Kinta offers 15 global datacenter choice and all of them powered by Google cloud platform.

Final Thoughts – Which is the Best SiteGround Alternative for ME?

Depending on your needs, site traffic, and volume, it’s your turn to pick the most suitable web hosting provider. All of the above mentioned hosts are good, reliable, and deliver phenomenal uptime.

To make it easier, here’re our recommendations;

Webmasters and individuals having low budget can pick between InMotionHosting and GreenGeeks. Both companies deliver the best money-value services with a lot of freebies. We recommend both providers due to outstanding uptime, load speed, and 24/7 customer support.

Users prefer to have peace of mind managed WordPress hosting should choose between WPXHosting and WPEngine. However, WPX offers more value than WP Engine as you can manage up to 5 websites at lower prices. That’s it.

We thoroughly researched and made this list to help you find the best SiteGround alternative and competitor hosting company for quality services. So, you can make use of this list without further research.