Top 8 “Best” Vultr Alternatives and Competitors 2021

When it comes to cheapest cloud hosting, here at AlternativeGeek, we recommend Vultr as it’s the most affordable and economical cloud servers providers having various instances located all around the world.

Even though they have a robust infrastructure and cutting-edge platform but there are some cons that may urge many users to look for Vultr alternative cloud hosting provider.

One of the biggest thing that forces users to find other hosts is “no live chat” but in our experience, it’s not a big issue as it’s common when it comes to cloud services.

However, we’ve tested Vultr servers regarding speed, uptime, and reliability as well as customer support. Our tests show they do provide lightning fast cloud storage, excellent uptime, and quite responsive technical support via tickets/emails.

No doubt, the ticket system sometimes takes longer to get help, but it doesn’t happen with them in our experience. The expert team replies to your tickets on a priority basis and try their best to fix your problems.

Your reasons can be different than Vulr support services, either way, we crafted this list of best Vultr competitors carefully to fulfill all of your needs.

Here are some Vultr facts you might be interested to know:

  •  In a concise period of 4 years, so far, more than 14 millions cloud instances have been deployed by thousands of users
  • They have 100k+ clients from more than 150 countries around the world
  • 15 data centers located in 15 cities and 4 continents
  • Their enterprise level infrastructure deliver 100% node uptime
  • The entire network has redundant connectivity via intelligent BGP routing
  • They allow downtime SLA credits
  • It’s the cheapest cloud provider
  • Offering all range of cloud solution including dedicated, bare metal, and VC2
  • Allow custom ISO installation and much more…

Top 8 “Best” Vultr Alternatives 2021


Kamatera is a leading cloud hosting platform where one can deploy a cloud server under your budget with desired system resources. The company has its data centers all across the world in 4 continents to make sure your site/apps get ultimate availability as well as high uptime.

The incredible thing is they allow up to 100+ OS images along with custom ISO too. With the help of multi-tier network connectivity, there is no single point of failure resulting in no data loss. Deploying any operating system or app (WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc.) is very simple, thanks to their user friendly control panel.

So, what makes Kamatera a great alternative to Vultr?

Let’s discuss in detail.

Hassle-Free Scalability

With Kamatera scaling your server resources up and down is quite simple, in fact, it just takes a few seconds. There is no data migration involved, thanks to instant provisioning, which works in real-time. Similar to Vultr, you can increase anything RAM, CPU, Storage, or IPs depending on the needs of your project.

Ease to Use Management Panel

If we compared the controlling panel of Vultr and Kamatera, you’d notice that there is zero learning curve involved to get familiar with the panel. Though both have graphics and layout differences but utilizing both of them is simple. Kamatera built its management panel by keeping in mind all types of users, including beginners, mediocre, and experts, to enhance usability.

Custom Cloud Plans Availability

Where many cloud providers out there offer resources bundled plans, you can choose from pre-made cloud plans or configure a custom one as per your needs with Kamatera. The basic cloud server account comes with 1GB memory, 20GB SSD storage, 1 public IP, 5 GB bandwidth, and 1 vCPU Core.

With custom configuration option, you can deploy a server with up to 72 vCPU Cores, 384GB Ram, 1000GB SSD Space, 4 IPs, and locate your server in 13 data centers. You’re allowed to install CentOS, CloudLinux, Debian, Windows, and custom ISO too. Customizability can save you a lot of money if used correctly by selecting required-only resources.

Cheaper Prices Like Vultr

Same as the competitor Vultr, their plans are also less expensive with starting from as low as $4/month or $0.005/hour. You can create an affordable cloud server by utilizing plan customizer and select only needed resources like RAM, CPU, and storage.

Their highly affordable plans make it an excellent alternative. You can go with a monthly or hourly billing system as well.

Global Data Centers

The provider has 13 data centers in four continents, whereas Vultr has 16, slightly higher than Vultr but not a big difference. The locations are Santa Clara, Toronto, New York, Dallas, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Tel Aviv, and Hong Kong. All data centers built with the fastest Intel Xeon Gold processors, 40Gbit networking, SSDs, and cutting-edge infrastructure.

Fast Yet Reliable Server’s Hardware

By choosing Kamatera, your apps, projects, and websites will surely get high speed loading, ultimate uptime, and maximum service availability all because the company only relies on premium-class hardware. Their servers made with Intel Platinum CPUs, fast SSDs, and latest generation RAM modules.

24*7 Customer Support Agents

Where Vultr lacks instant support services, with Kamatera, you can get instant help through live chat available 24/7. Email and phone support are also in place, which is also quick. For self-help, they also have a knowledge base section.

30-Days Free Trial Account

Still thinking to decide if it’s the right cloud host?

Not a problem, you can use and test their server for a whole month without spending a penny. Make use of a 30-days free trial account and then decide if it’s the right host for you. We know you’ll love Kamatera cloud services.

DreamHost – Unlimited SSD Storage on Cloud

If we talk about one of the experienced web hosts in the industry, DreamHost is undoubtedly the one that is working since 1997. The company involves in cloud servers, shared hosting, VPS, dedicated, managed WordPress as well as domain registration services.

Besides their excellent services and economic domain registering services, they are popular because of their screaming 97-days money-back guarantee which applies to annual plans (shared plan).

Best Price/Performance Solutions For Developers

DreamHost delivers SSD based and easily scalable cloud hosting solutions with unbeatable pricing. Their pricing just starts from $4.50/mo that includes enormous 80GB storage on the industry-leading storage devices (SSDs).

The plan further includes 512MB RAM, 1Core CPU, and 100GB block storage. So with such a high spec plan and reliable performance, DreamHost surely the name when considering a quality alternative to Vultr.

Free Bandwidth

Vultr put a cap on bandwidth and so you can use it according to the package you choose. On the other hand, DreamHost offering a free bandwidth. You don’t have to keep an eye on bandwidth usage as you need to in the case of Vultr.

Take Control Of Your System

DreamHost allows you to administer server as you want as there is no restriction on the choice and version of operating system. You can make use of the server as Windows, Linux, or BSD. And for user ease, they pre-loaded some major Linux distributions. Plus, you can load your own there is no restriction.

Integrate Storage Applications With Ease

Backups are the critical aspect either you are a blogger or developer. So here DreamHost did a great job by allowing easy integration with apps such as Retrospect, Cloudberry, and many others. The seamless integration saves from technical complexities.

Client Support

Along with the basic ticketing system, DreamHost offers live chat services during specific hours. So unlike Vultr where they ensure to respond ticket within 24 hours, DreamHost is relatively quick regarding customer assistance.

Number of plans 3
Monthly Pricing $4.50 – $48
Hourly Pricing $0.0075 – $0.08
RAM 512MB – 8GB
CPU Cores 1 – 4
Storage 80GB
Bandwidth Free

CloudWays – Excellent Managed Cloud Services

Relative to many other providers, CloudWays is a young company, but because of their service excellence in the industry, they find a way to be a considerable cloud hosting.

Friendly 24/7 customer support and tons of scalable options on state of the art infrastructure makes it an excellent choice.

Instead of their own datacenters, CloudWays is the best way to utilize the AWS, Google, Kuyp, and other complex cloud platforms effortlessly.

Built With Sophisticated Cloud Infrastructure

They offer a variety of plans on the array of cutting-edge cloud platforms such as Google, AWS, Kyup, etc. Like if you want to use AWS robust servers, Cloudways provides multiple benefits like live chat support, tons of one-click apps, SSL, and more. Whereas if you don’t know or want to avoid Google and AWS complex server configuration then also Cloudways is the perfect way to go.

Built-in Caching System

Although CloudWays utilizing the other’s platform for serving its customer but company dev team makes many in-house improvements. There is a built-in caching system such as Memcached, Nginx, and Varnish, etc. for fast response time.

Moreover, the servers are enabled with PHP 7, HTTP/2, and Redis cache. So they provide you with a managed and optimized cloud environment along with server root access.

Safe and Secure

CloudWays take security perspective very seriously which is why you don’t have to worry about it. You will be protected by security firewalls which filter out malicious traffic.

Additionally, there are regular security patches, system monitoring, two-factor authentication to your account and free Let’s Encrypt SSL. For more, you can activate automatic backups making them one of the top alternatives to Vultr.

Developer Features and Free Site Migration

CloudWays featured with Git integration and staging area which allow you to test codes before making them live. Moreover, you can securely access your server through SSH and SFTP. This not ends here, cloning feature clone an entire server or a specific site with just one click.

For WordPress site, you can use CloudWays site migrator plugin or you can just ask their support team. They offer free migration per account.

24/7 Live Chat Support

Compared to Vultr, CloudWays is expeditious in providing technical support. You can get help irrespective of time on live chat and emails. Additionally, there is an active community and knowledge base.

Number of plans Varies per host
Monthly Pricing $7 – $1,973.68
Hourly Pricing $0.01 – $2.74
RAM 512MB – 160GB
CPU Cores 1 – 40
Storage 20GB
Bandwidth 1TB


Started its journey in 2009 by establishing an office in Switzerland, CloudSigma is an ISO certified company. You can launch Linux, Windows, or FreeBSD based server in an entire cloud environment.

They have a lot of space for your growing project such as you can avail up to 12GB RAM and 56 cores CPU. So that means you don’t need to think about migration due to resources.

Also, CloudSigma is one of the companies that offer 24/7 friendly support and accept multiple currencies for payments.


From the performance side, you don’t have to worry about speed and uptime as CloudSigma has a pretty big cloud-based infrastructure that spread in different regions and never let your site down. You can launch an SSD server or with a combination of SSD and magnetic drive.

The flow of big data files is seamless because of their 10GigE networking. Moreover, through integrating KVM virtualization, they make available completely dedicated cloud settings to you. You can also test yourself by signing up for a 7-days trial account.

Highly Scalable Cloud Structure

CloudSigma offers flexible resource sizing. Like others, they don’t provide pre-made plans; instead, they enable you to craft a package with your desired resources. Further, you can easily scale up and down the resources as per your site consumption, and the changes are implemented within no time.


The company knows the importance of security from the customer perspective. So that they ensure vigorous security through SSH keys, VPN tunneling and make use of other protocols. Moreover, the DDoS defense system assures safety from attacks. Their ISO certification shows that they comply with ISO standards whether it related to networking, data center or other security aspects.


Unlike shared hosting, usually, cloud hosting providers do not offer freebies. But with them, the user who spend $10 or more per month able to get 50GB SSD, 5TB data transfer (outbound) and 1GB RAM for free. That’s a lot of free things you won’t be able to find with the competitor host.

24/7 Instant Support

Customer support is one of the areas that make CloudSigma the best alternative to Vultr. The user can get help by submitting tickets and through cloud tutorials. And most importantly, CloudSigma offers 24/7 live chat support.

Number of plans No Fixed – Custom plans
Monthly Pricing $4.25 – $990.61
Hourly Pricing $0.009 – $2.984
RAM 1GB – 100GB
CPU Cores 1 – 20
Storage 50GB – 5000GB
Bandwidth 5TB

A2Hosting – Great Cloud Option for Bloggers

A2Hosting offers various distinctive cloud VPS plans tailored to the needs of experienced or the user who want a hassle-free cloud hosting. They stand among companies who are not only striving hard to make possible the blazing fast services but indeed doing it efficiently just like others mentioned in this list. Although A2Hosting did something more by offering turbo speed feature. Security, performance and differentiated are at best on A2Hosting.

Variety of Packages for Variety of Customers

A2Hosting is like a one-stop shop where you will get cloud VPS packages with distinctive features. Like if you are an experienced developer and want root access to control over the OS installation and various crucial settings they have unmanaged plans for you.

Whereas if you are searching hassle-free plans with cloud capabilities where their experts manage crucial settings, you can choose for managed VPS.

And if you need a cloud that offers root access and managed environment, then you should pick from their core VPS plans which are costly but offer peace of mind services.

Configure Your Resources

At A2Hosting you have the choice to either pick a pre-designed plan or craft your own with desired resources. Configuring a plan is purely easy where you just need to move the slider up and down.

A2Hosting supports tons of operating systems and include free Webuzo with some of them for quick installations. The availability of dozens of OS options helps them to stands in the list of best Vultr alternatives.

High Performance & Turbo Boost Option

A2Hosting is well known for their speed-boosting technologies. They have integrated SSDs throughout their servers hence enable the fastest reading and writing operations. They have data centers in the US, Europe, and Asia in order to ensure the lowest latency. Plus, you can enable their Turbo boost add-on for some extra performance.

Anytime Money Back Guarantee

The company makes its way to headlines because of their distinguished refund policy. They provide any time money back guarantee on annual plans. Yes, you heard it right. Within the first 30 days of service you are eligible for full-refund and after that, if you ask for the refund, then they will issue on a pro-rated basis.

24/7/365 Customer Support

A2Hosting clearly outperform Vultr in customer support area as they provide 24/7 live chat, email and phone support services. Additionally, you can explore the things yourself via their knowledgebase.

Number of plans 3
Monthly Pricing $5 – $15
Hourly Pricing NA
RAM 512MB – 1GB
CPU Cores 1 – 4
Storage SSD 20GB – 50GB
Bandwidth Unlimited

DigitalOcean – Top Developer’s Choice

DigitalOcean is another best pick especially for developers seeking the best Vultr alternative. Because of their service friendliness to developers, more than 1 million developers are hosting their project on the Digital Ocean platform.

Digital Ocean also has its multi-region presence by scattering data centers. The quick delivery of droplets enables us to launch a website or anything immediately. The competitive pricing structure makes them a strong substitute.

Uptime and Speed

Positioning themselves as a developer-friendly hosting, DigitalOcean ensures delivering 99.99% uptime so your apps will alive all the time. DigitalOcean is featuring fast networking, advanced solid-state storage, and worldwide data presence. So your app runs fast and delivers a smooth experience to users. On the other hand, they are well known, trustable and reliable if you want to build a WordPress blog.

Scalability and Easily Resizable Resources

Digital Ocean cloud is also highly scalable just like Vultr. The resources can be added or subtracted as per your needs. Besides, they also make available the managed “Load Balancer” solution which is an efficient system to divide the traffic among multiple infrastructures so to ensure maximum availability of your app to its users. The new droplets can be deployed in merely of seconds.

Multi-Region Data Center Locations

Where Vultr has plenty of data centers around the world, DO also holds 8 data centers which are located strategically so you can locate your app near your target users. Moreover, numerous server spots enable them to overcome hardware failure by dividing the data into multiple locations.

Support Various OS and One-click Apps

By experiencing different cloud providers, we found that they lack in delivering high usability experience to their users. Whereas the availability of various operating system and apps that can be installed with just one click significantly enhance Digitalocean usability.

The distribution such as CentOS, Ubuntu, CoreOS, Fedora, FreeBSD, and Debian are available to use. Furthermore, there are tons of 1-click apps including Node.js, WordPress, Docker, Ruby on rails, and lots of more.

Support Services

Similar to Vultr, Digital Ocean does not offer customer support via live chat. So for any technical assistance, you have to submit a ticket. They also maintained a community and tutorials which are the good ways for learning.

Number of plans 12 approx
Monthly Pricing $5 – $1,680
Hourly Pricing $0.007 – $2.5
RAM 1GB – 224GB
CPU Cores 1 – 32
Storage 25GB – 500GB
Bandwidth 1TB – 10TB

Host1Plus/Heficed – Best for Developers with Full Root Access

Founded in 2008 by establishing data centers in London and in the very next year the company decided to launch further datacenter locations. They offer both managed and unmanaged services. Experienced developers and programmers can choose unmanaged cloud solutions for full access.

Although you can add cPanel which costs a few bucks/mo but make server management easy. Recently, they have introduced some high-end services which can handle gigantic projects. So don’t have to worry about finding a solution for your growing site or apps.

Availability Of Plenty Of Solutions

While hosting on Host1Plus, you don’t have to think about a heavy duty reliable hosting as they have solutions for small to high resource consuming projects. Virtuozzo is the best option to start with that is incorporated with the latest techs like SSD, KVM, and high networking speed. However when your app/website going out of the limits, Host1Plus offers private and enterprise-level cloud solutions. For more, they do offer dedicated servers with both managed and unmanaged capabilities.

Reliable Performance

The most basic concerns of the website owners are the speed and uptime. Host1Plus bring in the advanced infrastructure that supports fastest network speeds, SSD caching, and RAID storage.

Furthermore, the addition of Kernel-based Virtual Machine and global presence of datacenters boost up the services further. And by utilizing the cloud server capabilities, they efficiently keep up with 99.99% uptime. So you don’t need to worry about these aspects with them.

Plenty Of Templates With Various Versions

When you are going to open an account with Host1Plus, they let you make a selection between a variety of templates. You can choose from CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, and OpenSUSE. Plus most of them come with the choice to select the version as well.

Improved API Control

The company has easy to use and elegant API. Since it is in-house developed, so it will surely give something beneficial to you. The improved API gives you better control over the server and assist your way in developing applications.

Customer Support

Host1Plus offer customer assistance through various channels. Where the competition just offers tickets support for contacting their experts, They assist support services via 24/7 live chat and tickets. So compared to Vultr you are going to get help quickly.

Number of plans 4
Monthly Pricing $15 – $66/mo
RAM 2GB – 16GB
CPU Cores 2 – 8
Storage 40GB – 250GB
Bandwidth 1TB


Launched in 2003 Linode is addressing the customer’s cloud hosting needs and has over 400k customers. They have one of the largest infrastructures of data centers that spread over three regions and make their system fault-tolerant as well as expeditious.

They offer an extensive range of plans making it easier to pick a suitable package with desired resources. Moreover, you can easily make use of their additional features such as resizing the resources, cloning, rescue mode, and many others. This Vultr alternative cloud host also has low cost packages come with high resources.

Well Optimized For Speed

To ensure the quick page loading time, they are utilizing the Intel Xeon e5 processors family. The integration of the 40Gbit Network allows data flow seamlessly. Unlike some companies, they don’t use traditional spinning drives or just use SSDs for caching instead provide a fully SSD based storage which surely does its job blazingly fast.

9 Data Centers Around the World

Linode holds one of the largest cloud infrastructures consists of multiple data centers. Currently, users are being served by 9 different data centers located in Europe, Asia Pacific, and North America. The availability of an enormous amount of data centers allows them to distribute your website’s content so that to load the page whenever a visitor visits your site quickly.

Straightforward Central Panel

When it comes to administering different aspects of cloud hosting, Linode offers the most straightforward control panel. Besides monitoring of bandwidth, space, and CPU, Linode manager provides easy access to DNS manager, configuring ports and protocols, etc. In a nutshell, even if you don’t have experience in managing cloud instances, Linode offers great usability.

Support Tons Of Distributions

The greatest benefit of Linode that you can gain access to various distributions such as CentOS, Fedora, Gentoo, Slackware, Ubuntu, and many more. So you will surely find one you intend to use and if not then you can run a custom ISO of your choice.

Customer Support

Linode support services are available 24/7 primarily through email tickets. But they do have a community forum and a community live chat for quick help. So you have more ways to get help.

Number of plans 14
Monthly Pricing $5 – $640
Hourly Pricing $.0075 – $0.96
RAM 1GB – 80GB
CPU Cores 1 – 20
Storage 20GB – 1536GB
Bandwidth 1TB – 20TB

Conclusion – Which is the Best Alternative to Vultr for Me?

These are some of the best, reliable, and most importantly trusted alternatives that you can choose to avail quality cloud hosting services with all the essential features.

All of the above-listed hosts deliver blazingly fast hosting along with exceptional customer support, though some of them don’t offer live chat. But, they still help you round the clock through other ways like tickets and email, etc. Now the real question is which one should you choose?

For your ease, here are the recommended companies like Vultr offering excellent cloud servers:

  • For Developers and Programmers: Kamatera and DreamHost – they offer full access to your instances, SSH access, multiple distros, and custom ISO image at the lowest prices. You can launch your server in no time plus can upgrade system resources without any hassle. That said, advanced users willing to have full control over servers should consider these hosts. However, other cloud companies also offer reliable services.
  • For Bloggers and Website Owners: A2Hosting and CloudWays: Both of these providers assist you through live chat to resolve your problems on a priority basis. They have a state-of-the-art hosting infrastructure built with enterprise-class hardware and updated software(s). You can pick any from both of them and never regret, otherwise, A2Hosting do have “Anytime Money Back Guarantee” that’s why we prefer A2Hosting over CloudWays.

Need further assistance regarding choosing the best Vultr alternative? Worry not, just get in touch via the contact page and we’ll try our utmost to help you.